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  2. (Please note that I'm absolutely terrible at introductions) Hello everyone, Misery (Or, Sorrow) here. As of recently I've joined back. I'm happy to see that some of my ideas have been implemented in some way shape and or form. Post here: Although I have, in the title of this post im writing on currently, some ideas for money spending if a player has accumulated a large amount of money. My ideas are: Unbreakable tools, Tools with custom enchants (ex: An axe with fire aspect or a hoe with sharpness.) High end, expensive shit. I would also suggest selling more spawner eggs.. Tho
  3. Isn't that the problem though? "Myeehhhhhh. I bought a rank for my own personal gain instead of having the intent to keep the serverrr running. Meeee mad if fly and gmc go bye bye myeehhh" no. You donate to a server to support the people running it out of the kindness of your heart. At most you should get kits and particle trails. Maybe for emerald you can change the color of your name. Point being: You don't donate for your own personal gain. You donate to support the server.
  4. I feel as if it SHOULD be removed. As you said, it makes the game way more rewarding. Plus with the removal of flight, I feel like keep inventory should also be off (haven't been on in a LONG while, so no clue if it is on or off.) Plus, you can potentially have larger worlds since fly would be off, and it generally gives time commitment more of a thing to be appreciated, especially when it comes to building. You can build without fly. There's just more personal rewards and accomplishment for doing it without it. Same for traveling 10k blocks to find a mansion or some shit. Furthermore, I kinda
  5. Now, (Note: I'm not really all that good at writing lengthy as hell suggestions like this but I want to try. I feel as if my voice needs to be heard on this subject.) Hello all, i'm TearsOfMisery, currently know as. I used to go by EternalSorrow, if some may remember me. I am a 3+ year vet on this server, and overtime, it has gotten quite... Samey, to say the least. That's why I'm here today, to suggest change. To suggest a rebirth of the entire server. Today, in this post, we'll be talking about: Ranks, Economy, Voting, PvP+Item dropping Ranks. Where do I begin? Okay. So ever
  6. How cute. And not having keep inventory teaches players not to be careless pieces of trash. If there's an actual risk to dying then people might actually care when they're being tracked with a bounty, as the gear you'll possibly get is worth the extra reward. Plus, it makes getting elytras far more dangerous and rewarding. It also encourages the use of the money system since you lose your shit.
  7. Wonderful. Another person I can be a douche to. ;>
  8. Oh great. We can be racist buddies... Perhaps we could reenact 9/11.
  9. We're resetting the map... Yes: 93.33 No: 6.67 J u s t A H u n c h .
  10. Yeah. You were a great staff... You'll be missed.
  11. If I remember correctly I beat the everloving shit out of you-
  12. What has this earth become?
  13. Aw...well, I wish you the best bolp, we all appreciate the hard work you put into the server, trust us...we do.

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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