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    imma just say this server because i like it too much X3 help ;-;

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  1. HORRAH now we know its progressing already ^-^ (i dont mean to sound salty/angry/pasimistic if i do im actualy happy)
  2. OH i can imagine how that would be hard.... having 2 servers to moderate, Having to greif around with the deal of changing everything, working on something that people don't really care about and also people getting upset that the servers gonna take longer to be updated to 1.13 if ya made the thing
  3. theres also a website that you just have to copy and paste the comand in a comand block https://minecraft-heads.com/custom/heads
  4. Username: LightStar_Gaming Server: Survival+ Banned By: Lunning155 Date of Ban: i dont know Reason: Setting fire to my own home Ban Type: Local This is probably the weirdest case ever. Around a year ago i was banned for setting fire to a house. I did set fire to the house but, it was my own. I was being sarcastic and that got me banned. I was sarcastic and said i "gave" the person my house but i was just being sarcastic. It is my fault i got banned. I should have made it more apparent i was being sarcastic , and i should have told the user before he/she logged off. I am sor
  5. Id recomend Pet Blocks it is a spigot plugin to use blocks and custom heads as pets in Minecraft it can be found here https://minecraft-heads.com/custom/petblocks i also reocmend https://minecraft-heads.com/custom/head-database if the staff want to use it
  6. IGN; LightStar_gaming Age: id rather not say but im 10+ 14- TeamSpeak: None Discord: Sayko #1847 Hello my name is Light, or LightStar. I would like to Apply for GIT or Guardian In Training. ive been on the server for 2 resets. I am on at least once a day Weekdays and weekends. I help others with problems i can im even a police in SunShine Hills. I am in the USA Central timezone at the time of posting it is 9:30 PM 9/20/17 . Ive been on the server for a Few years now . I hope that this is excepted and i hope if your reading this i didnt bore you. Bye ;3
  7. First of all i never said you could renovate 2nd of all i was trying to be calm and 3rd of all you were not following the Region/town rules and last of all i got made becuse you assumed my gender also dun procve your theroy cuz you asked us to guess your gender
  8. UserName of Reporting : LightStar_Gaming Who i am Reporting : kaasijsje KitKat has told me its derict swearing i have showed her proof of this to . I was called a Female Dog or a Bit*h . I dont think this is right even if he was told to do this . Thank you for reading ~LightStar_Gaming
  9. Dear Reader/Staff I would like to be a GIT . My in game username is Lightstar_gaming . Im the Mayor of Savana Rige a small town in the Region of WoodLand . I have been on the server sence the latest server reset . Im kinda know across the server im mostly known in Survival + and that is my second most active server . Im 10 years old almost 11 im serious when i should be funny when i properly should . I whould love to fix things and stop them from happening . I would gladly take a intervew so even if your not staff if you have any questions il answer with a smile . Thank you for readdin

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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