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  1. ConnorWolf

    Build Team

    Yay! I was accepted!
  2. Ign: Connor61404Age: 13 Discord: Connor E. WolfHello! I would be honored to join the servers build team! Before I send the pictures of my 5 builds, I would like to give the reasoning of why I should be on the build team. One of the first reasons is, well, I'm a great builder! Multiple people on the server had praised my builds, which I think, could be a reason why I should be on the build team! The second reason is on every server reset, I always aim to go for the biggest and the nicest looking building on the server! Of course, everyone has their opinions on builds people make, and I'm always willing to respect that. The third reason I think I should be a part of the build team is my advanced experience with world edit, I used to play on a survival/creative server and players had access to world edit, so I learned everything about world edit from there, though, I have little to no experience with world guard, but I'm always willing to go off and learn on my own time, or I might ask the other members of the build team to teach me the ropes of world guard. Okay, for some of my builds I use this texture pack here My Main Style or Styles are usually from stone brick quartz and Sand or from stone brick and wood and end up as large fancy structures. > http://wokflows.wixsite.com/wokflows/downloadsBuilds: Thanks for taking the time to read my application!
  3. ConnorWolf

    Ban Appeal (Unbanned)

    Username: Connor61404Server: SurvivalBanned By: JackeeBolpDate Of Ban: Doesn't SayReason Of Ban: Grief/DisrespectHello, I appear to be banned because of disrespect and grief, though my friend _Skroob/OneTailedWolf was there at the time and he knows that I wouldn't grief anything, and if I did, he would correct me, though, I did break a grass block to get into an area, but I didn't think that one block could harm anything, and I apologize if I broke anything that I didn't even know I broke by mistake. Onto the disrespect, I had no intentions of disrespect when placing the signs, I just wanted to point out that the builds weren't that good and that they needed to improve to make them more presentable, I apologize if Drew took it the wrong way, I had no intentions of disrespecting him in any way whatsoever. I hope that this can all get sorted out and I swear I have no intentions of doing this again, thanks for reading my appeal. Sincerely, Connor61404