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  1. I remember this was one of the first servers i joined and actually engaged in, it kinda formed most of my childhood and its sad to see it go. I've been apart of the server since like early 1.10 and its been so awesome to see that the server has touched others, I hope we can go out strong and its been awesome to be apart of the community for so long.
  2. I dont know if what i am about to say is true, but after a server reset this morning, (EST) i could not log back on to server, for a ban appealed almost 6 months ago now. It was the same thing, i'm sure camo didn't ban me cause he resigned, and i haven't been on the server for a while so why didn't it go into effect before? Please fix this admins or mods ASAP, or if this was intentional, never mind.
  3. Dear diamondshaft Today at around 12:00 today, I came to find something. my home had been griefed. I asked who, and immediately FrynoxFC responded "Lol" or some sort, as it was 3 hours ago. All my stuff is gone, as he killed me twice and didn't give much of my stuff back, or it de-spawned. He also took all of the diamonds i had mined, 70 exactly. He did this mostly because I just killed his other friend, and tried to give it back, but instead ran from me. and when that happened, fry's dogs attacked me so I killed them. Feeling a need for justice, somethi
  4. Dear staff, I know i complain a lot, but i mostly ask for other opinions on this kind of thing. for one, even in this 2 day time, a lot of progress has been done, and restarting could be a bit devastating, seeing as we just lost all our stuff during the server reset for 1.14 So, maybe we could have the server's ranks , plugins, and etc. implemented onto the world save file. But this isn't my choice, simply a recommendation (as topic suggests) Please respond, -trio
  5. Today, the village and pillage update was released! Some happy, some sad. But otherwise, a server reboot is likely soon, so screenshot you values, as we head into 1.14! And so you don't feel new to this update, I'm going to cover what is new! for starters, villages and villagers have been overhauled, making iron farm harder to make, but allowing for new farming possibilities! And while on the subject, new blocks have been added! Grindstone - Grind enchanted items for exp and UN-enchanted item back. Smoker - cooks food items faster than furnaces Blast furnace
  6. Dear Diamondshaft members, 1.14 is soon! according to a tweet by dinnerbone, "If all goes well, we will be releasing Minecraft Java edition 1.14: the pillage and village update on tuesday." This tweet signifies that 1.14 is coming within the next 4-7 days! while on the subject, there is also happiness and sadness on the server. For one, many of us (including me) worry about our going to be long lost items, and are also joyous that a fresh start awaits us! but as a member, I see that members could have access to world download via. discord, or these forums. But
  7. Dear Diamond shaft, After seeing the news of new staff applications on discord, I am posting this. I want to request being a GIT because of my overall wish to help with the growth of Diamond shaft. Ever since joining diamond shaft around 2015-2016, I personally have always enjoyed the server and since has always been my favorite Minecraft server. and so around Christmas 2017, I wanted to join the staff, due to lack of online staff and to attempt to help the server as much as I could. so now, 2 years later, I request to again, with the hopes of being accepted.
  8. Triosoft

    Lost home

    how? and i already found it.
  9. Triosoft

    Lost home

    I lost my home again, while accidentally setting a new home as the same name. ( /home h) I don't have any other info to help, but I do have a screenshot of inside it for block check.
  10. Dear diamond shaft staff. during today I died once and lost a lot of stuff. This includes 32 levels of exp, A turtle shell, and a near god sword. I would like to have a rollback for 4:00 EST Cause of death: kinetic energy while trying to go thru end city portal
  11. But what about the keep inventory problem? I see this a lot on the server from phantoms or drowned where they kill someone and they get really mad! I've experienced this, and for new players, they could quit entirety.
  12. Dear Diamondshaft, After recently being un banned, i have seen a lot of changes. For one, Diamonds are under a dollar to sell! only 0.72 the sell, and seeing this is really confusing. As diamonds are hard to get, and money is a central item for trading if you have nothing on the server. Since they are this hard to get, they should cost about 25-50$ a piece, not 72 cents. Same goes for other items, e.g gold, iron, etc. A more better price could allow for more trading and more shops in the mall, as money is easier to get, but not too easy. Another enco
  13. for me, the nether works fine. it could be a problem with your computer or that you have many chunks loaded, either or.

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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