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  1. The Gaming Rebel

    I'm Back

    You were downloading Fortnite over a year ago? Damn, can you let me borrow your time machine? Also pass the smoke man.
  2. The Gaming Rebel

    I'm Back

    You know when you think of things you did when you are trying to fall asleep and you start cringing?
  3. The Gaming Rebel

    1.13 Plans, Ideas & Community Opinions

    I may become active again if there becomes something to actually spend your money on and not just items like diamonds.
  4. The Gaming Rebel

    Diamond Shaft pixel art

    My lil' man is learning to draw! You are reminding me of Hitler when he learnt to do art! My lil' man is growing up so fast!!!
  5. The Gaming Rebel

    Pink sheep

    Wow xD this is so funny my little man! You are beginning to be just like your father! I remember when you were just like what, 3?
  6. The Gaming Rebel

    Mob fight

    Wow, this is so interesting. Hit me up in dm's and we can talk about a movie??
  7. The Gaming Rebel

    Cave house

    You're making me proud to call you son, my little man.
  8. The Gaming Rebel

    Two Things

    With that gang slang, you would be perfect for the grove street families, would you like to join m'man?
  9. The Gaming Rebel

    Two Things

    Reminds me of my birth.
  10. The Gaming Rebel


    Take me with you.
  11. The Gaming Rebel

    Ban these guys!! (Accepted)

    Yes but you're reporting them in the wrong section for swearing.