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  1. I thought I would write this here before the server gets shut down.

    Diamondshaft and it's community have been such a large part of my life for so many years, and have given me countless memories. All the people I met, interacted with, and even just talked to in chat randomly have changed me in some way. Creating Bugville was so fun for me, and I will never forget the people who helped out with the construction and were kind to me. I will truly miss Diamondshaft and it's community, but I hope one day Camo or Anthrax will remake the server under a new name so we can all go back to Diamondshaft, in spirit.

    To all those that I've made friends with, thank you. You've given me amazing times on the server and even more amazing memories.

    - Drewbug0301

  2. This community gave me so much.. i’ve been on it for so long it’s hard to see it go. I hope everyone who I’ve come across and made friends with continues to have their best life. anyways, thank you, diamondshaft, for all the memories.
  3. Sorry I didn't see this reply until now. Thanks for responding Anthrax, Here are the Coords: X: -58.416 Y: 1 Z: 182.036 The farm is no longer greifed, as people who use it have repaired it, and I have acquired new gear. I would appreciate it still if I was able to get the items I lost back, though. Thank you.
  4. I tpaed to simpy's enderman farm, and fell out of the world and lost a shulker box, full netherite tools, a enchanted netherite chestplate, boots, and leggings, and some other stuff. If anyone could fix the farm and help get my stuff back, i would really appreciate it.. i spawn right in front of where the blocks were broken, so i walked right into the void without noticing.
  5. These two people tricked me into letting them tp to my home, then killed my friends and me multiple times and mass griefed my home. Screenshots below:
  6. This probably won't be accepted, but I was thinking of a way to make it more fair to people who have bought multiple ranks. Ex: Someone bought Iron, then Diamond. If they bought Iron in the past, they should be able to use the ITools and Iarmor kits as well as DTools and Darmor. Rules about it: If you buy diamond and emerald, this should be your kit loadout: Serverbooks, XP, Elytra, Darmor, DTools, Etools, and Ermor. You cannot have two kit xps, and if this needs to be balanced you can increase the kit cooldown on previous bought ranks by a couple days. This doesn't mean if you
  7. They changed up the Ip a bit, now you gotta do play.diamondshaft.com:25591. Hope this helped!
  8. Hey @WickedRainG if you have rollback can u join the server plz ._.

  9. I dont have coords but it is KenjisBigBro's town. EnterPhenomena knows where it is
  10. So i rtped in hope i could find a desert and came across this. At first sight i got H4ppyCrash to come investigate with me and saw that on one of the houses there were campfires and assumed it was a fire. Then we realized the whole town was destroyed and knew it wasnt an accident. All of the snapshots show the whole town.
  11. ☟☜☹☹⚐ 🏱☜⚐🏱☹☜ ☹✌☹✌☹✌☹☹✌☹✌ ☟✌☟✌ ✋💣 👎☼☜🕈👌🕆☝ ☟✋
    Translate this and I will give u 10 Diamonds ;)

  12. Lets take this time to have a moment of silence and dedication to two chickens who died. The first one got blown up by a creeper, and the second killed by qgf_. May they rest in peace.

  13. I logged onto Diamondshaft again and started to play with MottSpice, QueenDD, and Justin_Valley. I decided I needed to make a book and quill and went to my house. It was badly griefed and Even my secret aquarium was griefed! Please help. P.S If u find any changes made by MottSpice in the Aquarium he was just trying to help
  14. is the dab really dead? Or am I living under a rock.

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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