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  1. Taking a LOOONGGG Break from Diamondshaft. I will not be on until Summer. Bai

  2. I have moved from minecraft to roblox. .-. Wont be on as often.

  3. Future Events

    I Really Think DS Needs Minigames, So I aggree with you Wicked.
  4. Someone griefed Meh house (Accepted)

    Its inside the town hall, Inside the Lower apartments. X: 3307.183 Y: 58.00000 Z: 1193.067
  5. Someone griefed Meh house (Accepted)

    So, I was going to go see who was on, and then... I saw that my home bed was missing or Broken. I Was confused. Then I just went to my other home near my bed. I Went down through bugville city hall, and then saw that my piston door was broken, And started to freak out. I don't think much was stolen, but I do thing that they went through the painting and destroyed it by accident. (It was originnally a Big Picture) And My Secret base was also Opened up. I Had UnLocked Shulker boxes there too. Luckily, I don't think there was anything missing :P.
  6. Coming back Sooner than expected..

    I said I was leaving diamondshaft till November 1st, but now I'm going to come back earlier Some reasons are that Mobs in bugville are going crazy,More griefs Are happening, and finally, Im just getting bored irl.. so I'm coming back!
  7. Report a Grief (I'll be brief) (Accepted)

    jtlance, The hole in the roof is Not a greif, It is sunnyday's way of getting on the roof Its a redstone Thing
  8. Report a Grief (Accepted)

    Wowee! Since I left Bugville has became Gothem City!
  9. Ivysaur's Shop got griefed (Accepted)

    Check my update on my leaving DS post
  10. Ivysaur's Shop got griefed (Accepted)

    So, When I came on for Once in 2 weeks, I noticed That Someone broke 2 pieces of wall, So i took a ScreenShot.
  11. It will be A While, Diamondshaft....

    No Im not Lel. xD.
  12. It will be A While, Diamondshaft....

    I have not been on That much, Due to Doing things IRL, But now i want to Say, I am Leaving DS Till November 1st, 2017. I Am Doing this because, I have to wake up early for School Preperations, And I will be a Bit Tired... So I am Leaving temporarily.. I Want to say, Bugville is now in the hands of @jtlance, Until i come back. I want to thank @jtlance, @Minecrafteez, @DannyBoi, And Finally @muertesilenciosa For Making My Stay In DS Comfterable. Buh-Bye <3 -Drewbug0301 UPDATE: I Will Come On. Only Like a little and rarely, But Probably Only Really early in the morning. But Sadly This will only happen Once a Week or two and i wont be on till november after september starts
  13. I'm not sure what's happened

    They Just Released 1.12.1 Sooo It prob Automatically Switched ur minecraft To 1.12.1
  14. Spiderman Homecoming review/summary (SPOILERS)