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  1. sorry if i disconnect, my computer hasnt been feeling well.. (It has been lagging so bad that it takes 10 mins for minecraft to load ;-;) soooo :/

  2. DrewbugThePerson

    Event Team Applications

    Ze Application is sentz
  3. DrewbugThePerson

    Staff Update - 9/16/2018

    Congrats to all! Next year ima apply
  4. DrewbugThePerson

    Interviews - September 16th

    oh thanks :P.
  5. DrewbugThePerson

    Interviews - September 16th

    yes. i am 10. :P. but i asked again and she said yes once im 11 since i have to study about logblock and world edit.
  6. DrewbugThePerson

    Interviews - September 16th

    I would have applied, But im too young and my mom would probably say no :/. Congrats to anyone who succeeds!
  7. Well, i was clearing out my cousins room in DS cuz i remembered no Building for players who dont have gmc, then i found the way into something.. I was confused. i went down and found DSK (DiamondSkullKing)'s Lab. Im part of it, but i never gave him Permission to build an entrance INTO MY HOUSE without letting me know. I was very upset and this could lead him to have easy access to my house whenever he wants. Here's My Evidence: nevermind! Camo has banned DiamondSkullKing.
  8. Guys, Im not sure whats happening, but my computer is going on vacation and wont have Wifi. Bois

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    2. DrewbugThePerson


      lel my computer is acting mature again :P

      Also anna, APPEAL

    3. AnnaPlays 142

      AnnaPlays 142

      Weird because when I wanted to play it still said "banned for griefing"


    4. DrewbugThePerson


      You need appeal, anna. Create a appeal for being banned.


  9. DrewbugThePerson

    1.13! Spawn Town Mansion Sweepstakes And Info!

    @TEAtime2012, When will the winner of the Sweepstakes Mansion be announced?
  10. DrewbugThePerson

    1.13.1 Server Release Date & Changelog

    OOOO Drama! :DDD *Grabs Popcorn and 3D glasses* Wait, I ran out of soda.
  11. DrewbugThePerson

    1.13.1 Server Release Date & Changelog

    Aw, That will make things alot Harder. :P.
  12. DrewbugThePerson

    Server Survival+ "Doesn't Exist"

    I was playing Diamondshaft with DSK, Hayden, and Angxless, and the server was lagging out like it was insane! then the server crashed and sent us to Survival. Angxless didnt have emerald, Survival+ doesnt exist, and everything is messed up! PLEASE HELP . EDIT: IT KEEPS CRASHING AND RELOADING!
  13. DrewbugThePerson

    Read this jackeebolp

    Well, It is possible to Greif at Warp north. at some parts it isnt allowed due to it being too close to spawn, but the farther parts CAN be greifed..