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  1. DrewbugThePerson

    Merry christmas diamondshaft

    Merry Christmas!
  2. ☟☜☹☹⚐ 🏱☜⚐🏱☹☜ ☹✌☹✌☹✌☹☹✌☹✌ ☟✌☟✌ ✋💣 👎☼☜🕈👌🕆☝ ☟✋
    Translate this and I will give u 10 Diamonds ;)

  3. Lets take this time to have a moment of silence and dedication to two chickens who died. The first one got blown up by a creeper, and the second killed by qgf_. May they rest in peace.

  4. DrewbugThePerson

    Mass House Greif (Accepted)

    I logged onto Diamondshaft again and started to play with MottSpice, QueenDD, and Justin_Valley. I decided I needed to make a book and quill and went to my house. It was badly griefed and Even my secret aquarium was griefed! Please help. P.S If u find any changes made by MottSpice in the Aquarium he was just trying to help
  5. is the dab really dead? Or am I living under a rock.

  6. DrewbugThePerson

    Railroad Grief (Accepted)

    I logged back onto Diamondshaft and decided to visit Leningrad. I went through the railroad and then Part of it was missing so i decided to report it. There is a locked chest there too so idk if it was an accident or not.
  7. DrewbugThePerson


    The server Updated to 1.13.1 dood
  8. DrewbugThePerson


    ... You need to A P P E A L https://www.diamondshaft.com/forum/13-appeal-a-ban/ @AnnaPlays 142 MAKE DAT APPEAL THING
  9. DrewbugThePerson

    Wither On Top Of Nether

    kk, thanks rain. Also please lock
  10. DrewbugThePerson

    Wither On Top Of Nether

    Me and KingOfWizards, and also Taramagnificent found a wither on top of the nether bedrock. we beat it and i still have the star. I told po and he was unsure if that was breaking rules or not, because staff told us a few maps ago not to go ontop of the nether. so when anyone can, take the star out of my inventory or i can just burn it in lava I have no screenshots but i do remember the wither was near some Nether brick.
  11. sorry if i disconnect, my computer hasnt been feeling well.. (It has been lagging so bad that it takes 10 mins for minecraft to load ;-;) soooo :/

  12. DrewbugThePerson

    Event Team Applications

    Ze Application is sentz
  13. DrewbugThePerson

    Staff Update - 9/16/2018

    Congrats to all! Next year ima apply
  14. DrewbugThePerson

    Interviews - September 16th

    oh thanks :P.
  15. DrewbugThePerson

    Interviews - September 16th

    yes. i am 10. :P. but i asked again and she said yes once im 11 since i have to study about logblock and world edit.