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  1. KryptPick


    Just wondering when we are going to move to the new update, or have we already moved?
  2. KryptPick

    mac3375 was griefing. (Accepted)

    Yes but I'm not sure if it was his town, and also he was in a house with the name 'Firedmasta' on the door
  3. KryptPick

    mac3375 was griefing. (Accepted)

    No I SAW him dig a few blocks and raid a few chests
  4. KryptPick

    mac3375 was griefing. (Accepted)

    So someone with the user Mac3375 asked to raid HIS old town. I was curious, so i tp-ed to him. It turns out it was a town I had been to before, while Rtp-ing Here are the coordinates to the town (DISCLAIMER) I dug two blocks in that town to exit a building but then immediately replaced them so plz dont ban me ) -3444 64 4870 Btw i saw him dig something though im not sure what it was Thank you for your time
  5. KryptPick

    Kryptpick' ban appeal (Unbanned)

    Date of ban:September 17 2017 Reason :stealing lb proof Banned By:Mrredz_ I don't recall stealing but I would be happy to replace anything lost or stolen
  6. KryptPick

    Boq box birthday

    It was a joke you can just dig the trapdoors
  7. So wanted to buy a house off someone. when i teleported to them sunnyday killed me. i teleported again and she killed me again. this went on for a while this all happened on the 4 of september, 2017 EDIT I just found out it is illeagle to fly in pvp which she was doing
  8. KryptPick

    Richncal griefed my house (Accepted)

    I added coordinates
  9. KryptPick

    Richncal griefed my house (Accepted)

    So Some user with the name Richncal came into my house asking for iron. when i gave it to him he proceeded to take 2 diamond blocks off my beacon before leaving the game this happened on the 31 of august, 2017 IMPORTANT EDIT I came back onto the server and my house was griefed even more My coordinates are -3350 58 617
  10. Username: KryptPick Server: survival Banned by : mrreds_ Date of ban: 19 august 2017 Reason: greifing LB proof I was banned from the server by mrreds_ on the 19th of august, 2017 The only time I can i can think I was banned was when I rtp-ed into someones underground base. I hade to stack up blocks to get out.
  11. KryptPick

    KryptPick's Ban Appeal (Unbanned)

    Ok I added a name
  12. I was banned on the 15th of July, 2017, By JackeeBolp The Reason I was banned was because I built 1x1 pillars, but I dont recall that being at the rules in spawn and the only reason I built these pillars were for elytra flying.
  13. Banned on the 6th June 2017 Whenever I log onto the server, It says ''Banned for griefing by bolp'' But when I checked the accounts bolp has banned, I was not there, then I checked recently banned, and I was not there either, My minecraft username is KryptPick and I didn't grief.