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  1. ayy there's my casgtle in the back
  2. Thanks to my favorite cheeto for making this post <3 I added some of my own screenshots (using Sphax PureBDCraft & Sildur's Vibrant Shaders). The town is constantly growing and it now has a public greenhouse/flower shop, public farm (located in the mineshaft) and the streets now have names (with German words to add to the theme) to make the town easier to navigate. Thanks to KingVampy, nihoelist, & Shnawk for helping with building (as well as emotional support). The town is almost at 10 residents so hopefully we can soon have a warp!
  3. Hi everyone! I'm Kris, and I've been back on DiamondShaft for a while now, so you guys have probably seen me around already. I wasn't originally going to make this post since I didn't want to relive past 'drama' on the server, but I realized that a lot of the players on the server don't remember me, and I've also seen some negative posts written about me so I'd just like to clear up the story a bit. Some of you may remember me as being the past 'owner' of DiamondShaft. I was a frequent player on Tremble Gaming (King's old server), and King was kind enough to offer me my own server since I had been struggling with my crappy laptop and router to make a server myself. Even though King was technically the owner of DS since he had hosted the server for us, I was considered the 'owner' of the server and our group of friends were all staff as well. The story of how I got banned from DS occurred when it was the end of the map and a new update for Minecraft had been released, so a new map was going to be made the next day. I thought it would be fun to allow the players on the server to blow up their homes and other buildings on the server with TNT as sort of a celebration of the map ending. I made sure that I made a backup of the map to the server's console and let King know in advance, in case something were to go wrong and the map wouldn't reset (which it successfully did). However, due to a misunderstanding of the whole event, along with some previous drama and tension that had been ongoing between our group of friends (which I honestly can't remember anymore since it was so long ago) I ended up getting banned from the server, and shortly later being unbanned. From then on I was scared to join the server because I knew that everyone had a negative view on me and when I joined I would occasionally get messages directed at me such as, "Hey guys, it's the destroyer of the server!" and other disrespectful messages that just didn't make me feel welcome. Now, a few years after the effects of that minor incident have settled, Chad (KingVampy) convinced me that you guys actually don't all hate me and I can feel comfortable on the server again. I hope to set aside all of that past drama and let everyone know that I have no negative feelings towards any of the people who were involved with the event. Now that that's all cleared up, I probably should tell more about myself. I'm currently 15 years old and going into 10th grade and I have quite an obsession with science. I hope to someday go into a science field, specifically astrophysics, but I'm interested in all things involving physics, astronomy, biology, chemistry, and robotics. I'm also a self-proclaimed artist (you can see some of my art on my profile as well as my Redbubble shop where I sell products with my art printed on them) that enjoys pixel art, digital painting, sketching, and pretty much any other form of art. I guess I've also sort of become the unofficial graphic designer for the server as I drew the old server icon (which is still being used on the forums and the server) and the new one (which is viewable on the DS Discord), and I'm currently working on a new banner for the server. I'm also a big fan of video games (mainly Nintendo consoles and PC) since I grew up in a family who has always been obsessed with them. Some of my other hobbies include baking, video production, and reading/writing. I apologize for the lengthy post; I felt like I had to get the story of my DS ownership off of my chest and I didn't realize how much I had written lol
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