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  1. its all good didnt care to really i realized it isnt worth my money considering my feelings about the server
  2. K so I was looking at ranks for my birthday and I saw they were alot cheaper how long does this last for? Cuz I won't be able to get a rank till Thursday
  3. the hell man maybe Justin should be posting his opsession on your posts because nobody sits thee posting the dictionary take your L
  4. boii I don't really give 2 dams lol I aint the one with the guy with lipstick as my avatar and ironic and its a damm minecraft forum I have better thing to do then correct peoples punctuation on a minecraft forum and Justin has a weird obsession with autism just saying theres people who can help with that.
  5. lolz I agree if a staff places a fake ore fair enough but really that's the only 100% way to tell and people could just be on a streak if there inventory was filled with diamonds and lolz bud ive done my research believe me I aint stupid I'm just stating the most known things
  6. Ya I get that like if you go one way mine diamonds go other way getore diamonds I've done that console where there is no mods and I got back with like 64 diamonds in like 25 min it was insane I'm just trying to say like cuz my lil sis mines like that and she's 9 yrs old and has no idea what the hell x ray is.
  7. K so I've done my research because I've always wondered if there was a 100% way to tell if someone is using x-ray yes people can see you breaking them and going towards blocks and see them break the blocks but it might just be a idiot savant who is really dumb and super damm lucky and honestly don't see a fair reason to ban players for cray cuz they are lucky or are cheating idk I'm just saying my opinion on that topic of x-ray
  8. I just made some pixel art with my bro finn lol bored and nothing else to do.
  9. yo vampy just wondering cuz im probably gonna buy a emerald rank in the future k so i know you cant give items to non members i was wondering because my 9 yr old sis wont have money to buy a rank would it be possible to make an ecception because i live in the same damm house as the kid?



    1. CamoWisp


      I can't really do that. That'd be an easy pass for me to be demoted, if I did so without asking. I've asked a few rank exceptions for those who were either members for many years or whatever, but, in this case it's different. Not to mention it would be unfair to other families unless I gave their siblings free ranks.

    2. SethWarBrony


      so what your saying is that id the end of the world if i gave my lil sis a few items its not a free rank its just i give her some gear which really isnt the end of the world




    3. Bruhggyhhh
  10. i was not i did not you ghad given it to me and by the time i dropped it you tped do not make up lies
  11. Username:SethWarBronyServer: SurvivalBanned By:mrreds_ Date of Ban:16/7/2017Reason: GriefingHello i have played on this server liked it and possibly waould have stated a YT series on it and i needed a lil bit of quick cash and i had to go do something so i tould my friend to go on my pc and make me some money but he instead griefed as i got back i found i was banned and i want to make things right and thats why im writing this he said he said he knew my account broke it so idk but thats why im here and writing so i get unbanned because im looking for a server my lil sis can play on with me and i got banned so hopefully you can understand how sorry i am for what happened. Sincerly: SethWarBrony

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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