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  1. Hello. Someone broke into my farm and killed my Horses and Livestock, took my Saddle from a Pig, broke into my Friends Home, and took some other things that I own. I have an Idea of who the person may be, but I don't want to jump the Gun before coming to conclusions. This has been going on for some time now. And I don't know who it is. I wish I could provide Proof, but when I take screen shots it just shows the Mojang Logo. Please someone help me. I can't let this go on any longer. (P.S. My new Minecraft name is Justin_Valley)
  2. Although I haven't played on Diamond Shaft for 3 years, it was fun to play for about a month or 2 before I say goodbye to it. :) Hoping to join the Discord server if someone could send me the code. Thanks in advance, Justin Valley.
  3. Hey Camo? I need your help. My town BlackSmith shop got griefed. and Idk what else got griefed but Im checking that out right now.

  4. Someone broke into my home and took my live stock, and my food! They also took the police stations horses as well and the SpruceValley Police DEPT
  5. Hello! My name is Detective_Reed but you can just call me Reed :) I've been playing DiamondShaft for more then 3 years. I've helped A LOT of people while I playing and it makes me feel good! I want to help people as much as I can! I want to help them even more then I do now! Being a Guardian would mean that I could help people More then I do now! Every time I see something of someones got griefed I feel like there nothing I can do. I wish I could have helped them more. But If I become guardian I can help More people! I would feel like I'm helping people more then I ever did! T
  6. Hello my name is Officer_Reed. I have been playing on DiamondShaft for 2 years now.The reason i wish to be Guardian is to help people! I have helped alot of people playing DiamondShaft.My dream is to help them more then i can already.When I hear that someone's property got damaged I feel bad for that person.That is all i want to do when im gaurdian.I hope that you will accept my request of being GIT so that i may help people in need! So plz accept my request. Thank you for listening to my request! Sincerely, Officer_Reed

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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