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  1. Sly_Assasin

    Sly_Assasins Post

    Hey guys I was banned and one of you said I could only make a ban appeal in November and it is past that and I posted a Ban appeal and I get in trouble for posting a lot Can you guys please un ban me i know I did a lot of things that were bad but please I can change I will listen to you guys. Thanks, Sly_Assasin
  2. Sly_Assasin

    Sly_Assasins Ban appeal (Declined)

    you guys told me to not use the template.
  3. Sly_Assasin

    Sly_Assasins Ban appeal (Declined)

    Hi my name is Sly_Assasin.I have played Diamondshaft for a while.I got banned by xxcixme on the date 2017-07-23.For making a 1x1 pillar and auto farm.If i get unbanned i can get rid of the pillar and turn the auto farm into a semi farm.I will never do it again. Thx Sly_Assasin Plus I made a new account