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  1. Username: krojr Server: Survival Banned By: toriiiiii Date of Ban: Around a year ago, cannot remember the exact date Reason: Griefing LB Proof Hello, I have been playing on diamond shaft for around 4 months. Before the map reset, I wanted to look in a player's house by the name of _Zavo_, he gave me permission to but swiftly after breaking the blocks around the private door he owned, I was banned by a staff member that goes by the name of toriiiiii, I think that i should be unbanned because _Zavo_ gave me explicit permission to enter his house, and since I have been banned for a year, I have learned my lesson on going into player's homes and will not enter a player's home without permission from the said homeowner and let a staff member know so this kind of miscommunication never happens in the future. Thank you again, I hope that I can regain access into diamond shaft. Sincerely, krojr
  2. can I plz have the apple link 


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