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  1. NAM3ED


    ok. I really hope we can see those dolphins soon.
  2. NAM3ED

    Ban Appeal (Unbanned)

    Username: NAM3ED (Might be changed to ImSynth) Server: Survival Banned By: bustounnuez Date of Ban: I don't remember it was a while back. Reason: Griefing Hello, I've been playing on the diamond shaft for a while but stopped because of a ban I got a while back sometime last year, for griefing I did not know killing peoples animals was bannable. So I'm sorry to the dude whos animals I killed I would like to be unbanned I'm really sorry for what I did I now know that what I did was wrong. If you could unban me that would be cool I really have learned my lesson if there is anything I need to do to go further to get unbanned I can ( I can re-appeal if this one is messed up) Thanks again, Synth! Most people would say I'm dumb for thinking that killing animals is not griefing but in my defence, my friend said it was not also I was really immature then lol I think you understand that though
  3. NAM3ED


    Not sure if the server is open or not rn but I keep getting this error
  4. NAM3ED

    Ban Appeal (Declined)

    I was banned around 3 months ago and I would like to say i a sorry for what i did i was banned for griefing and i know why i did i killed a animal and i think broke a block unknowing that it was someones home and i could not replace it. I would like to e unbanned i am extremely sorry to all of you at diamond shaft. IGN: DoubleDsword Thanks. <3