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  1. Its not because of that. It's because I lost both my accs due to it being an og account. The email turned out to be lost and retrieve it.
  2. Username: TimeToCheat Server: Survival Banned By: Bolp Date of Ban: 23/01/2020 Reason: X-Ray I have been playing Diamond Shaft for years now and decided to xray for no reason just to have some fun cause I was bored. Turned out it was the wrong idea since the alert system in this server is op as fuck and as soon as I knew it. I was banned. Idk how to say this but I should have never xrayed and will never again if I just get my Emerald Rank back... I took a phat L TimeToCheat
  3. IGN: TimeToCheat Age: 16 Discord: cheater#7083 Hello my name is TimeToCheat, but you can call me Thomas. Many people may recognize me from my old name, DayFlowsToNight, I have been apart of this community for a very long time now. Since around 2017. Anyway, I took a long brake to focus on work, school and my future life. But I think now that I have all this spare time I might come back to this amazing server that I used to remember being one of my go to's everyday. I will be on almost everyday (Depending on School, work, holidays, etc) for around 4-5 hours. You may ask, why do I
  4. I am looking to receive my Emerald rank back. I had it on two other previous accounts. camiluvzkittehz and DayFlowsToNight. If you could please transfer the rank over to my new acc TimeToCheat that would be great. I also made another thread ages ago in 2018 about it and it got accepted. Thats proof.
  5. So My IGN now is camiluvzkittehz (ALT) But my main account was DayFlowsToNight. I have recently lost that account about 9 months ago with my Emerald rank on it and many other purchased items. So I was wondering if and staff are able to transfer my Emerald rank from DayFlowsToNight to camiluvzkittehz. Thanks.

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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