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  1. Its not because of that. It's because I lost both my accs due to it being an og account. The email turned out to be lost and retrieve it.
  2. Username: TimeToCheat Server: Survival Banned By: Bolp Date of Ban: 23/01/2020 Reason: X-Ray I have been playing Diamond Shaft for years now and decided to xray for no reason just to have some fun cause I was bored. Turned out it was the wrong idea since the alert system in this server is op as fuck and as soon as I knew it. I was banned. Idk how to say this but I should have never xrayed and will never again if I just get my Emerald Rank back... I took a phat L TimeToCheat
  3. IGN: TimeToCheat Age: 16 Discord: cheater#7083 Hello my name is TimeToCheat, but you can call me Thomas. Many people may recognize me from my old name, DayFlowsToNight, I have been apart of this community for a very long time now. Since around 2017. Anyway, I took a long brake to focus on work, school and my future life. But I think now that I have all this spare time I might come back to this amazing server that I used to remember being one of my go to's everyday. I will be on almost everyday (Depending on School, work, holidays, etc) for around 4-5 hours. You may ask, why do I want to be staff? I want to be staff because I want to be apart of this family properly. I will show all my dedication and use all my experience to make this server even better than it already is. Since I am the age of 16 nearly 17. I have matured over the years and have changed a lot. In what ways have I changed? In every way you can imagine I have changed. I have become more talented, of a faster thinker, mature and have handled many things throughout those years. So I think I am capable for the Guardian In Training rank. When it comes to experience I have lots. From around 2016-2020 I have been apart of HUNDREDS of staff teams. Some big servers and some very small servers. All those servers were mainly factions but all related around communities and being talkative in the chat, discord, etc. I am also very used to working with others and having to handle problems on my own. As a plus I have learned to code a bit and can now design discord servers. Small simple games and reckon that I now have the skills to create my own minecraft server. Thanks for reading my Application for the GIT rank. Have an amazing day! ~Sincerely, Thomas
  4. I am looking to receive my Emerald rank back. I had it on two other previous accounts. camiluvzkittehz and DayFlowsToNight. If you could please transfer the rank over to my new acc TimeToCheat that would be great. I also made another thread ages ago in 2018 about it and it got accepted. Thats proof.
  5. So My IGN now is camiluvzkittehz (ALT) But my main account was DayFlowsToNight. I have recently lost that account about 9 months ago with my Emerald rank on it and many other purchased items. So I was wondering if and staff are able to transfer my Emerald rank from DayFlowsToNight to camiluvzkittehz. Thanks.
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