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  1. I'm sorry (Unbanned)

    im not even trying to be mean im just curious... are you bad at spelling or doing it on purpose or what. im curious but also it probably gets on the staffs nerves a little too.
  2. Ban Re-appeal

    Username: X5oINFERNOo5X Server: Survival+ Banned By: Eddy Date of Ban: 27 January 2018 Reason: Annoying, being an asshole, etc. So I want to start off by saying that I did this a week or so ago and was told that I should've waited so I wanted to say sorry for that. And now for my appeal. So you guys already know why but just to recap I was being an annoying little cunt to everyone and I wanted to apologize for that. I really didn't mean anything I said when I was being rude thats just how I play around. And me being annoying is just how I am but I'll work on that. I'm really sorry for everything I said. So yeah, I just wanted to ask you to please give me just one more chance. I swear I wont screw it up. I really like this server and I'd hate to not be able to play on it. Please consider unbanning me and thank you for taking the time to read this.
  3. Ban Re-appeal (Declined)

    Hey, thanks for reading it and for the feedback. sorry, I didn't mean to annoy you. Have a great day.
  4. Ban Re-appeal (Declined)

    Username: X5oINFERNOo5X Server: Survival+ Banned By: Eddy Date of Ban: 27 January 2018 Reason: Annoying, being an asshole, etc So I want to start off by saying that I was told to do this if I was so inclined to come back and that I know it hasnt been a month yet its just I cant wait to come back. So you guys already know what I did and I just wanna say im really sorry for being an annoying little cunt. and I want to ask you to give me just one more chance and if you do I promise I wont do it again. I really like this server so please consider it. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  5. This is the quote: (scroll down to see my reply) , I understand that there are a lot of reasons that you may want to come back, but in general, since you have joined the diamondshaft community you have been super annoying towards staff. I don't know when you joined but for the last weeks, you have been causing constant problems. One night when we were testing the anti-lag plugin we as a team spammed it a decent amount to make sure everything was working, but we were also having some good fun, you cursed at us repeatedly telling us to stop, and that we were annoying so, we decided to tone it down a little. Later that same night, you were gifted an iron rank completely free of charge, however, when the next people to join got gold, diamond and emerald respectively, you, started to complain that "you only got iron rank and that's not fair." First of all, it wasn't really fair for us to give you iron rank in the first place but we did, but the way that you thanked us is to complain that we didn't give you enough, generally wasn't received well. Still, after that, you were not banned. Within the following days, there were various cases of you spamming that chat and swearing at people. You were generally being a plague to the staff team, you were temp banned for 5 days. Then today, 2 days after you were unbanned, you started spamming again, using caps and more. However, the final point being driven home when you repeatedly bashed one of our members with curses. This is not the kind of attitude that we want on our server. Frankly, you have been a nuisance since you joined, we gave you various chances to correct your behavior, however, you tossed them aside. I would love to tell you that you're unbanned but I don't think that's in the best interest of the staff team or the server. So I'm sorry to tell you that your appeal is being declined. If you're really so inclined to come back, try re-appealing in a month. Thanks for reading. P.S. As a side note, I would encourage you not to lie just after you've been banned ok, first about me lying i say things i dont mean alot. second i act like a dick alot and i really did appreciate it i just wasnt acting like it and im sorry about that. and im sorry for all my previous actions. and thank you for replying and explaining things. and i will most likely re appeal. and if i ever do get back on the server id like to say ill try my best not to act like this. thx again and im sorry.
  6. fair but unfair in a sense ban appeal (Declined)

    oh sorry, my friend told me it was you. my bad.
  7. Username: X5oINFERNOo5X Server: Survival+ Banned By: Eddy Date of Ban: 27 January 2018 Reason: Disrespect, Direct Swearing, Spam, Generally Annoying, Douche, Annoying as fuck So I understand there are alot of reasons. but I really like this server so all I want is a second chance cuz im really sorry and if you let me back on I wont do it again. so please unban me. Im sorry.
  8. fair but unfair in a sense ban appeal (Declined)

    oh sorry
  9. Ok so you already know what happened. but I feel like its unfair cuz he was talking back to me. and if you unban me then ill stop doing everything i got banned for cuz i really like this server and im really sorry so please just give me one more chance.
  10. CaXedA and xCadyx stole from me

    While I was temp banned I was in a skype call with CaXedA and xCadyx and they stole things from my chest using CaXedA's permission to use my chest. I told her she couldn't take what she said she was taking and she still did. please either temp ban or ban her. idk if xcadyx has anything but they were saying that caxeda gave her a few things from the chests.