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  1. Rickstr TV

    Regarding The Logo

    Then why care about the "simplicity?" I know............I'm laughing that he got it wrong m laughing that he got it wrong True, it is more something that would be for a YT or Twitter, not a server I guess.
  2. Rickstr TV

    Regarding The Logo

    Trust me slants, diagonals, strokes, fine erasing, layer overlaying, and placing isn't easy. And this is a diamond ore lol:
  3. Rickstr TV

    Perk in the donor shop,

    I have a suggestion.......................English
  4. Rickstr TV

    Regarding The Logo

    Ok, so I must say the new logo is not bad. I was previously known on this forum as RickstrMC, however, my name is now this due to my YT. either way here are some options if you like them. Let me know if you like my works!!!