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  1. Username: Gubugu101 Server: Survival Banned by: RickRoss2000 Date of Ban: Not specified Reason: Griefing So a little back story: I have been playing this server back when it was called CarnageCraft (I dont really even remember the name I remember it had Carnage in it) Basically I think 2015.. I dont know. I remember when it was a very small server and having fun on it making alot of friends... I even remember being I think.. 5th to buy Emerald rank when it came out. I remember owning the old factions server back in 1.8... Good old times. In terms of my ban I actually generally cant remember when I griefed but I just want to say that was a year ago and that was me being foolish and I have matured and promise to never do it again. Reason why I want to come back: I remember all the good memories with all my friends.. Who are probably gone now.. For good but Oh well, I just want to see how well this server has grown. I understand if you dont accept my unban...
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