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    An Update on Me

    Bonjour mes amis! It's your favorite terrorist, Totie. It's been somewhere around 7-8 months since I announced my departure of the server, which is much longer than what I thought, so I thought it'd be a good idea to give a small update on how I am, since a few have been asking. Generally, everything's good and dandy. I have good grades, I'm enjoying summer, I'm returning to the gym today to work on my left broken arm which I got surgery on... Oh yeah that. That's probably a big thing that happened. Lemme get into story mode. *Ahem* It was a calm, February the 7th. (actually not really, it was a birthday gathering). We were throwing a surprise birthday party for our friend, Walid. At one point, still early into the night at around 10PM, some boys started wrestling. I got up to pee at some point, when a boy invited me to wrestle with them, promising nothing bad would happen. (fucking liar) I wrestled this guy with my same name, and two minutes into it, it was looking like a stalemate. But then I throw him to the ground and try to coerce him under my control. He breaks free, my arms still tightly gripping his thin, stick-like arms. He stands, and with the help of his back, flips me over onto the ground. I fall on my left arm. He loses his balance, and topples right over me. CRRAAKCKS And yeah. The whole room could hear the sound of my forearm breaking loud and clear. 11 teenage boys just freeze and look at me. I very slowly sit up, and raise my arms. To my surprise, it looks more like a step of stairs. In the middle of my left forearm, it just ascends upwards and continues that way. Apparently, I never made a noise. Just kept staring at my arm, until one guy broke the silence by grabbing me and yelling "Sayf you have a broken arm come on!" at which point 11 teenage boys and I run up the stairs to get Walid's parents (we were in his basement). Long story short, I arrived in the hospital shirtless, with a hello kitty blanket on my shoulders, wearing Walid's dad's flip flops, a giant wooden spoon tied to my left arm, and my right hand making finger guns at the very confused guards. (I fought shirtless and without shoes so...) I had broken both bones in my forearm, and it was a severe cut. So severe, I needed surgery by February the 9th. The surgery took over 4 hours, in which they put 2 Titanium Plates into my left arm, 5 screws each. (I will attach an X-ray and pictures of the surgery wounds which will stay for many, many years.) Does this mean I learned my lesson and will be a good boy? no Moving on, I also got a Husky I named Scooby. Turns out, dog training is a fucking hellhole of an activity. And yeah. I'll be a Junior next year. I'm getting an internship this summer too. Pretty much it If you want to regularly keep in touch, add me on Instagram (DM me for username), or follow my poetry blog: https://sayfabdeen.wordpress.com
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    Two Things

    Hello, Yes, it is me. Yes, I am alive and existing somewhere out there. No, I have not exploded anything new or joined a new terrorist group as of recent. Yes, it is surprising. BUT I HAVE TWO FABULOUS THINGS TO SAY Number One: Whether this plea will be relevant in a week or in a year, I'd like to request Anthrax that if he ever decides to close down the server, to please provide us with a world download for either the 1.8 or 1.9 worlds. (I am fully aware of the difficulties of doing so, I know it may not be possible, Nathaniel, and if you can't that's fine. But if you could, I'd greatly appreciate you.) Number Two: A few months back I launched my own YouTube channel ( www.youtube.com/Sayfway ). I'm not sure if me saying this treads on the No Advertising Rule on the forums, and I hope it doesn't, but this is a very personal initiative for me, and I hope you could all support this brainchild of mine by subscribing to it (even if you do not wish to watch the videos). But for those interested, I basically invest in asking Jordanians' their opinions on controversial issues and to try and spread new ideas and opinions. I go out in public and ask these to strangers. But recently, I've launched Jadal, a program where I bring individuals with strong feelings for a subject to debate it amongst each other. (I've also recently cooperated in a Royal Initiative, as in by the Royal Family of Jordan, with a video coming out soon). I've been reminiscing lately. Just wanted to say these two things, and express my gratitude and appreciation for everyone on this server who helped create such a wonderful community in the past. Thank you!
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    I'm resigning

    I have nothing poetic or wise to say so nobody have high hopes about this. But I do have something to say. There's a huge lack of perspective & communication here. Not on DiamondShaft. But in the world in general. So many stories don't make sense. Everyone here has a different view on what happened & I don't think there was good communication, otherwise we would have avoided this problem. But I'm guilty of this too. I need to apologize to someone. @Anthrax, I'm sorry. Sorry for being kinda of an entitled dick for a significant amount of time when I was a staff member. You always made sure to tell me how busy you were, and I tried to understand but never really understood the extent of what it meant to lead a busy life. I was (still am) a student, and even though I was still very busy, I doubt I was anything compared to what you were. Reading your reply here reminded me of that. So I'm sorry. Right now during the summer, I'm attending a 9/10-hour internship program 4 days a week. I have to spend a minimum of 3 hours a day with my new dog. I'm going to the gym 3 days a week and need to adjust my diet. And I'm currently working on a new YT channel. And I'm tired. I have little time to do anything in my spare time, so I multitask. I couldn't imagine having to spend an hour a day at least on a Minecraft server, which definitely shouldn't be a high priority in life. Not for a teenager, and definitely not for an adult. I wish I knew how to see perspective better back then, and I want to say I'm better now but I doubt I really am capable of seeing others' points of view perfectly. Thanks for making DiamondShaft and caring for it while you can. Sorry for giving you a hard time. As for bolp, you'll always have my respect for you. It's sad to see you leave, but for what it's worth: Welcome to the club.
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    Peace Out

    @TEAtime2012 Managing towns isn't easy, and very under appreciated. Trust me, I know. While I never knew you that much well, when I left the server I thought to myself, "At least Tea will still be there to spur some life into this server." So thank you. I hope that one day, I will wake up tired and exhausted in the early morning, open my phone, squint my eyes and see a small, buzzing notification from New York Times that says, "New Manhattan mall to join international conglomerate franchise, TeaTowns..." Wouldn't that be something?
  5. Poet Totie is back.

    Here's my blog.


    I just released 7 NEW poems in one day. (Use the link to access it ^)

    It's dedicated to some people I admire and find interesting. (no diamondshafters are featured unfortunately)


    Hope y'all can support me by reading it and showing some love.

    (if you wanna always know about a new poem DM me for contact info)

    Thanks ol' buddies, ol' pals.

    - Tots

    1. Possessed
    2. Lucy


      The next poem should be about a Puma. I WANT IT NOW

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    1.12 Server Changes List

    my legacy poopy build bans But aside from that, this new update looks great. I'm not coming back to MC, but wow this is a server I would play on if I did. Missing it.
  7. TotieMc

    An Update on Me

    not a lot actually. I had a few minutes of shock and adrenaline to phase out the pain. But when the doctors tried to restore and force my bones back in place... yeah that hurt.
  8. TotieMc

    An Update on Me

    fucking camo i miss you so much what the hell
  9. TotieMc

    Staff Update March 2017

    They only went through one week?
  10. TotieMc

    Happy Birthday DK

    Happy Birthday DK! Thanks for being there for me at a point when I needed it
  11. TotieMc

    Staff Interviews - March 12th

    You called?
  12. TotieMc

    Lol wtf

    "You see how you're referred to as an Admin on a silly game? Try raising your standards like that in real life." Atron's child: "Mama! Mama! Where's ADMINNNNNNNN????!!!!"
  13. TotieMc

    Happy Birthday Atron!

    Happy Birthday my friend! Hope all is well with you... Even though I quit the server, message me if you have anything you want to talk about.
  14. TotieMc

    Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas to all! Happy Holidays to those who aren't Christian! I don't celebrate but I gotta say... Y'all have some nice Christmas trees (this is one that was erected in the capital, Amman) I guess you could say... It's the bomb here
  15. TotieMc

    Happy Birthday and Merry Xmas

    Happy Birthday! *licks lips*
  16. TotieMc

    Whats you First ever build in Minecraft

    Mine was on Pocket Edition, where I built this 6x10 or 6x100 "house" completely made of cobblestone. I made a doorway and holes for the window, but hadn't actually discovered glass or doors at the time. I was extremely proud of myself.
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    Happy Holidays

    Say it Say it Say it
  18. TotieMc

    Minecraft Update 1.11.2

    God, I miss this server.
  19. TotieMc

    Happy birthday phantomheim

    Happy Birthday Phantom!
  20. A bit late but questions like this are amazing. What if everyone was as generous on Christmas? What if everyone had children's energy? What if everyone had the elderly's patience and wisdom? What if... It's the common ground of humanity. They do not fight each other for disliking one another, but rather because of their countries' conflicting points of interests and greed. "War is greedy old men sending naive young boys to kill innocent children."
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    For you Guys

    https://sayfabdeen.wordpress.com/2016/11/01/will-pass/ Goodbye.pdf.pdf ~ Totie
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    All Hail Donald Trump

    I would like to rise from the grave because it seems that the US has brought Halloween back.
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    Goodbye DiamondShaft

    What the legit fuck, how do I even fucking start this? I literally spent more than a year and a half on this server. It gave me dozens of memories, but that's the thing. Memories are a great place to visit, but a terrible place to live in. And I guess right now I have so much happening in my life, it's hard to get any new memories from the server. And like @Rocky loves to tell me, I gotta stop living in the past. I think I stuck to DiamondShaft till now because it was one of my few links to my old school, since that's the school I was attending when I started playing on this server. I want to say so much. You guys don't understand. DiamondShaft really did shape me in different ways. I have so many people to thank, so many people I want to mention, but as not to single anyone out, I'll mention none. Instead I think all the names that come to mind were mentioned in the 2-year anniversary video I made... Last year. And now we're approaching the 3rd year of DiamondShaft. Time went too fast. But maybe it's supposed to. Maybe it's my wake-up call. Okay I'm sounding too dramatic now. Like some emo 15-year old in a movie where I suddenly realize life's secrets and turn into a happy Pinocchio goody-two shoes and gets a half-pretty girlfriend and move to South Africa or some shit. But fuck it. This is my last post, might as well make it as edgy as possible. So just fuck you all. I love you too much, I don't really want to say goodbye to any of you (except you @Possessed I hate you burd because I love you but I hate you fuck you) Why am I so frustrated? I think that's a feeling most people get when they say goodbye to something that was once great and wonderful, and now all they see in it is what it was, not what it is. Good luck to all of you. Many of you have told me about their problems and what they want to do. So I wish the best of luck to all of you, and you know if I'm talking about you. Love you all. Also, I will not be finishing the anniversary event. Sorry, but finals are approaching and I need to focus. I'll leave it up to the "Event Team" to finish it up for me, as a final request from a dying king to his children. Speaking of King, a big thank you for creating this server. Like a really big one. Like bigger than Charlie's appetite for sex. Speaking of @Charlie, I think I'd like to redeem myself. I want to finally come full circle, and forgive Charlie. I think it's in due time that I stop holding a grudge against her and hating her. I think we've all done dumb shit in our lives to impress others, including backstabbing and betrayals. So... Charlie. I forgive you. (Waiting for someone to comment that she probably won't read this.) So thank you all... Again. I'll try to remember you all as I grow up, but... No promises. Love you all. Call me what you want. Totie, Sayf, TotsMcGoats, Democracky, Moderator-wannabe (that's pretty sad I never got to be a mod but)... I'm out. Best, Totie.
  24. TotieMc

    Goodbye DiamondShaft

    No. Thank YOU. You're one of the many people who made this server as wonderful as it is