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  1. I forgot to take screenshot proof. I don't ban for no reason, however, I will unban you this time, don't grief again!
  2. I already got it wicked!
  3. Hey Guys! Just wanted to show you guys what I've been working on recently! It's a small walled city named Iona, the terrain is all custom made by myself and I'm using the Conquest resource pack, and conquest of the sun shaders. Obviously this is only a work in progress at the moment, but I'm putting in a lot of time on it most days, so hopefully, it's done soon!
  4. Po, you're not racist; just stereotypically British.
  5. I've unbanned you; if I see you breaking rules again there won't be any warnings given. I hope you mean what you said.
  6. So, I understand that there are a lot of reasons that you may want to come back, but in general, since you have joined the diamondshaft community you have been super annoying towards staff. I don't know when you joined but for the last weeks, you have been causing constant problems. One night when we were testing the anti-lag plugin we as a team spammed it a decent amount to make sure everything was working, but we were also having some good fun, you cursed at us repeatedly telling us to stop, and that we were annoying so, we decided to tone it down a little. Later that same night, you were gifted an iron rank completely free of charge, however, when the next people to join got gold, diamond and emerald respectively, you, started to complain that "you only got iron rank and that's not fair." First of all, it wasn't really fair for us to give you iron rank in the first place but we did, but the way that you thanked us is to complain that we didn't give you enough, generally wasn't received well. Still, after that, you were not banned. Within the following days, there were various cases of you spamming that chat and swearing at people. You were generally being a plague to the staff team, you were temp banned for 5 days. Then today, 2 days after you were unbanned, you started spamming again, using caps and more. However, the final point being driven home when you repeatedly bashed one of our members with curses. This is not the kind of attitude that we want on our server. Frankly, you have been a nuisance since you joined, we gave you various chances to correct your behavior, however, you tossed them aside. I would love to tell you that you're unbanned but I don't think that's in the best interest of the staff team or the server. So I'm sorry to tell you that your appeal is being declined. If you're really so inclined to come back, try re-appealing in a month. Thanks for reading. P.S. As a side note, I would encourage you not to lie just after you've been banned
  7. I'm getting really sick of seeing this Charlotte Town bs, its Charlottetown. Fix it for the love of snor.
  8. I regret to inform you that I don't think ur good enuf hahahahahaha ecksdeee
  9. This texture pack is so bad pls get help
  10. Hey, just wanted to show off a castle I've been working on for the last 3 or 4 days, the inside isn't done but I'm mostly happy with the exterior. The second set of images is from the town I have been working on since I've been back, progress has kinda halted on it but I still like the way it looks, I named the town Cadence, and the castle is called Heron's Roost. I use the SEUS shaderpack, with the Conquest 1.11 resource pack
  11. Bolp, I'm very sorry to see you go, although I may not have always shown it, you've been one of my favourite members of the staff team throughout your time here. You're selfless, friendly and very caring towards our community, and it's sad to know that you felt unappreciated. You've done so much for the community, and you were always willing to lend a helping hand to many members, your patience must have been incredible because I know how often they can get very frustrating. Although I was looking forward to working with you together as moderators, I completely understand your decision. I hope that whatever comes your way in life you'll find something that will make you as happy as possible, I know it's frustrating for you that you waited so long to get admin, and were told multiple times that we didn't need any, I kind of felt the same way because it took me so long to get Mod when I've been here for so long. However, your decision is made, but I'm sure that if you ever want, we will welcome you back to the staff team with open arms. Warmest Regards,
  12. oh Mi gud,,,,, thsi es degustin!!! ples reM0ve NaowW. Inapropit and not cceptible!!!
  13. I'll try to not blow up the server ecksdee but Thanks <3
  14. I will unban you, however since this was your second ban I would highly advise you to follow the rules much closer than you did. I expect that you know the consequences of your actions, please refrain from breaking the rules again; I'm not sure if you'll be able to appeal if it happens again. We hope to see you soon!
  15. You were told to appeal in two weeks, it wasn't a temporary ban, you're going to have to follow the ban appeal template just like anyone else.
  16. Well I dont have the proof seeing as you were banned almost a year ago. However you seem sincere in that you won't do it again, so I will unban you!
  17. Camo basically summed it up, copy/ pasting "SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS" in the chat more than three times, is both spamming and excessive caps usage. So you were kicked at least 4 times for that before being TEMPORARILY muted. Today, I kicked you once for caps, and then i warned you that because of how much you'd been kicked recently that it was your last chance, and then you started arguing with both myself and Tori. No argument over a word having a "meaning" even happened as far as i remember. So we warned you to stop arguing, you continued, and you were kicked. As promised, I told you you would be banned if you broke another rule, I followed through with this statement and TEMPORARILY banned you for two days. You can surely wait out two days and be thankful it wasn't a full ban. As for the person with the Nickname about Burn_TheJews we asked them to change their name and they did.
  18. In case you somehow managed to miss the two replies you have recieved You were kicked first of all for using caps as well as key spamming. Your friend was NOT banned only kicked. Finally he kicked you to warn you that you were breaking the rules about complaining about it. Personally I think this deserves at least a temporary ban but that's not up to me. There's is your reply.
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