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  1. So i got banned a few years ago for "greifing" but im sure my 13 year old self would never do that, and i really didn't do it.
  2. i was 13 at the time give it a break
  3. AnnaPlays 142


    Hey guys I still don't know why do I have this I do not play on this and I am still banned -regards Anna
  4. Umm the Only time I remember is when I warp somewhere and broke suger cane it said "you cant do that here" Sugar* And Also If I greifed something I would fix it.
  5. Greifing at warp north? it didn't even let me
  6. First off, let me start do you think I did this Because I didn't even though Im hes friend and I was there You have no proof that I did it I would never do something like that and a lot of people know me from annaplays142 to jackeebolp
  7. First off me and my friends were having fun, and no one was fighting we were just making a battle and not disturbing other players around us, If my friends didn't like it They would likey told me to stop Also you have banned a lot of people for griefing Ban People if they do it to a stranger that does not want them to do that By, annaplays142
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