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  1. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm is it budapest. hungary? #hackerman
  2. anyone want to know his address? ill sell for coin, 500 coin
  3. IGN: 97daebak Age: 21 TeamSpeak: N/A Discord: 97daebak Why apply for this position? I just want power. Power to kick the king when I see fit. Besides that, I guess I don't mind helping around when I am online. My builds are ok-ish and I do like to build so I mean you could hire me like a part-time roofer or floor installer. I am trained in CPR in case someone does take an attack on the heart so I can be your health and safety rep. I have been in the server since January of 2018 so I am not very known. I do know how to build so that's something (more than most on the server apparently). I am very old so I am somewhat wise, I do have two diplomas and when combined I am the ultimate dealer with autistic children.
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