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  1. QueenDD

    Griefed (AGAIN AGAIN)

    Last night, I allowed a new member to teleport to me because well...I'm a nice person. He left while in my area (and my friend's) and I left shortly after to sleep. I get on today and I see my farm is griefed, the chickens are killed, the feathers in the chests are stolen, my horse is gone AGAIN and 1 of my chests are missing.
  2. QueenDD


    The first time I met him, he also put a bunch of bookshelves down and broke them (IN CREATIVE) and gave the books to people and let others break it. Mottspice, Me, Lion5kmr5k and Magicalfluffy were there.
  3. QueenDD


    Mystic_Wolfx 2 days ago decided to tpa to me, me thinking it was a good idea, let him. He proceeded to build something even though I kept telling him NOT to multiple times and I told him to delete it but he knew I had a fear of heights so he told to get rid of it myself (it was far up into the sky). Today he went through a nether portal and ended up in Mott's house and decided to place Prank'd signs EVERYWHERE. (Lion also told him off)
  4. QueenDD

    Threat. (Accepted)

    Please excuse this post, I don't know how to delete it and its all been solved.
  5. QueenDD

    Threat. (Accepted)

    Mielkyway and xMiek (his backup) threatened to erase our town if he doesn't get an item he lost when he died back from one of us. We were gonna give it back to him but he decided to threaten us. Can you please keep watch incase he ends up doing it.
  6. QueenDD

    Griefing (AGAIN) (Accepted)

    I reported a griefing a few days back and it was solved...but now its happened again. I teleported back home to find ALL of mine and Mottspice's beds missing like last time. I went downstairs to where we keep our enchanting table, books, collection of heads from the monsters we kill....and I find this. (Mottspice destroyed our portal because we suspect someone went through it). The head collection looked like this before: (the ghast head was recently added) Some of the crops destroyed
  7. QueenDD

    Griefing (Accepted)

    Mottspice, Magicalfluffy and I (QueenDD) joined the server only to find all our turtles killed, water from their sanctuary everywhere because blocks of sand and fences broken. My horse got stolen, Mottspice's beds got stolen, Mine and Magicalfluffy's names on our cottage wall stolen (the letter heads) as well as our windows.