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  1. Posted May 26, 2015 (edited) Welcome to the ban appeal template! I take it you are reading this because you were banned. Well I'm not here to judge, I want to help you get unbanned and come back on our server! For starters lets let you know some rules when creating your ban appeal! reeb - 'I was banned because I supposedly 'griefed'. In all honestly, I did not grief, instead I dug out of a hole Username: KawaiiWolf_125 Server: Survival Banned By: WickedRainG Date of Ban: 3 jan 2019 or 4 jan 2019 Reason: Griefing LB Proof Hello, I have been playing on Diamond Shaft now for 2 week.my "friend" showed me the server so yee. I am SomeWhat familiar with the rules. Would you be able to give me one more chance, I am very sorry for the trouble I caused and I will never do it again. Thanks again, KawaiiWold_125
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