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  1. Possessed

    1.13 keepInventory/mobGriefing Poll

    while you're fixing the server how about giving me a VIP rank while you're at it you know, to make me look better than everyone else
  2. Possessed

    1.13 Plans, Ideas & Community Opinions

    2b or not 2b
  3. Possessed

    1.13 keepInventory/mobGriefing Poll

    Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Roasted
  4. Possessed

    1.13 keepInventory/mobGriefing Poll

    Emerald needs a boost to differ from diamond as at the moment i think its just cosmetic changes and this isnt fucking fortnite. I understand keep inv may be TOO op but then i want other shit. Rank based warps? so only certain warps allow certain ranks in. Im about to finish my GCSEs so im gonna have a whole lotta free time n im not getting a job so i intend to spend it doing shit n i want my shit to be quality shit, capiche? And if you start working on the server early you better whitelist me so i can do nothing and take all the credit when it finishes. Capiche?
  5. Possessed

    1.13 keepInventory/mobGriefing Poll

    I respect that
  6. Possessed

    1.13 keepInventory/mobGriefing Poll

    Go die
  7. Possessed

    1.13 keepInventory/mobGriefing Poll

    Keep inv for emeralds daddy
  8. Possessed

    1.13 Plans, Ideas & Community Opinions

    Nananananananannanana listen Ima come back When all the work is done And the server is about to reset So i can take all the credit Capiche And i want valuable shit depending on the tournement Capiche
  9. Possessed

    1.13 Plans, Ideas & Community Opinions

    Shut your ass up
  10. Possessed

    1.13 Plans, Ideas & Community Opinions

    Alright listen listen Picture this What if yall made a PVP city e.g. arenas markets etc Where people could do all sorts of shit Win like artifacts in tournements Im talking good tournements Not shitty ones like in the past Im talking Real nikka tournememts Capiche?
  11. Possessed

    1.13 Plans, Ideas & Community Opinions

    My opinion is fact gay boi
  12. Possessed

    Poll - Summer Map Reset?

    Im warning you though, in my time away ive just been wandering and meeting new people and i have come back 10x more racist and have less of a regard for people nowadays
  13. Possessed

    Poll - Summer Map Reset?

    If it resets i will come back
  14. Possessed


    Awwwww i will pop in every now and then to say hi