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  1. I have no idea how to run a server as in(no idea if it costs money or whatnot), But I have a suggestion. I see a lot of people come and go on the survival server. I love it for the first week to two weeks I get to build a base and do everything I feel I can. After that, there is nothing to do and it is just bland, boring if you will. I get there are 20 people on in the day, but maybe we should add a /factions server? I have no idea if this is possible, or worth it, or if it costs money. This is merely a suggestion, but I think a lot of people would play on a factions similar to how the survival works, but now we can raid, grief, and have at it. I would like to know you're thoughts though. I think In factions, people stay on because there is a constant grind to find a base, improve you're own, grind with spawners and what not. I just feel it will bring, and keep more people here to Diamond Shaft. Lemme know what ya think! - Nuc
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