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  1. Username: dasort Server: Survival Banned By: dk_knights Date of Ban: 3(or 2) March 2019 Reason: Stealing Hey! Hope you're having a nice day! Anyways i have been banned for stealing (Occurred in early January) Which I didn't steal i used the command "/rtp" and teleported in someone's base that was made out of chests and a bunch of other blocks such as iron blocks, furnaces and a bunch of random other blocks, anyways it registered me taking stuff from the chests and breaking blocks as stealing, but it returned the stuff back in a chests and tried my best to put back the blocks in their original position, i apologize if their's something i didn't return and if their isn't i have no problem in returning the stuff or giving it away. And if you're wondering why i took the stuff in the chests in the first place is because instead of breaking the chests i would have items in my inventory then break the chest to avoid items dispawning thanks for spending time reading this! (and happy birthday dk_knights)
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