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  1. Sure, I have stopped griefing &Thanks for the help. Have not Griefed since I was new & I don't intend to/ have not griefed since i was warned the first time. Ivé been clean for a while now & intend to keep it that way. & Thanks again for the help ; P
  2. Hi In-game Name = MegurokoSylveon I have been banned for Griefing & got directed here when i tried to log in. I have Not Griefed since i got warned by Admin DKnight / learned about the rulez & Have already made Peace with admin after i got a serious scare & Wrote an apology letter & returned all of my griefed items/blocks. But here we are & I'm banned anyways... & I'm a bit confused now. Spent over 24 Hours in total on the server & made alot of my own progress & have also helped others alot as well & don't wanna lose all my progress or the friends I have on the server & would like to be unbanned. Have already been shamed & promised not to grief anyone anymore I have nothing to gain from it. Help Plz & Further info explaining my ban would be appreciated. Have as said not been mean or griefed anyone since my first warning about 1-2 weeks ago (been on server for a 1 month i think??) (Ban info = 5618795 ; Ban from:wickedraing ; Bantype = local) (don't know what this means but though you'd find it helpful) Thx for resolving the issue in advance & I hope to continue to build my castle ASAP. Just saw the Template for ban apealing so Ill add this ; Ban date = ?? I tried login in today so I guess today(2019-03-13) or before today? + I guess the server is survival? Don't know anything about different servers got the server linked to me when i originally joined. Feel free to ask me about stuff If you need more info.
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