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  1. @jlandhl Can you also refrain from the passive aggressive appeal titles. Warning points don't look good on you
  2. @Anthrax
  3. @garbanto
  4. If this is already dealt with then report closed
  5. Sorry for the delay! Hopely @aye_its_eddy_ or @Godsofboss who are about at the moment should be able to help you
  6. Please reply within 24 hours before this times out
  7. @bolp May be interested in something like this? I know she likes events!
  8. If you have an issue with a specific member of staff please use the Contact Us at the bottom of each page to message the administration. Otherwise, if you are annoyed about a ban, grow up and appeal it on the forums.
  9. Please follow the template
  10. Rejected - No proof
  11. Plot twist: you're banned from the discord
  12. That nothing can be done without coordinates
  13. @Mrreds_ this one's for you
  14. This should now be implemented.
  15. This ones for you @Godsofboss