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  1. Happy birthday big M

  2. Appy birthdya to meh

    1. WickedRainG


      Happy birthday ya brit boi

    2. Minecrafteez


      Happy birthday boyo

  3. Happy birthday to my favourite Jordanian

  4. Get ma name down (jk ofc, sorry)
  5. See ya around. Thanks for the good times
  6. Wow and I was so confident I had that Head Admin in the bag
  7. Can’t wait to attend my interview
  8. Bolp thank you for everything you have done for this community, you have to be one of the most hard working, dedicated and caring staff we have had. During times of difficulty for anyone you are always the one there to comfort them and look out for them and give advice. I feel like we've become friends since back when you were a GIT and we've talked about loads, I hope this doesn't change as I will still be in touch! As for your message I completely understand your frustration, and feel sorry that the only thing you thought you could do at this point was to resign. I feel like youve been let down by everyone in that sense as yes you have been taken for granted and no it isn't fair. For when I had my input I'll apologise on my behalf now.. I hope you may come back at some point, maybe to talk to some people on the server as I'm sure many will agree that you are all a great person and it will be a shame to not have you around. Hope to speak soon Snor
  9. From previous experience I imagine people awaiting an interview in the channel who don't meet the requirements or otherwise aren't going to be interviewed for any other reason will be spoken to on an individual basis rather than listing names of anyone specifically. However Camo may decide differently but I imagine it should be similar
  10. Good job now I challenge you to build a twenty first century city with hospital, court room, skyscraper, church. Police station and big ass tree
  11. Ooo that looks cool Hoŵ long did it take you?
  12. I swear you've said you are in your 30s? Geez
  13. This would be difficult to implement to make sure items were stored safely. Denied
  14. This is a crucial donator feature and I don't believe it will get removed in the foreseeable future. Denied
  15. We already have a system for applications. Denied
  16. We now have two variants of survival server Denied
  17. This feature would cause carnage, as seen by the replies to this thread. Denied
  18. This is something we once looked into with factions but proved to be unpopular. Denied
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