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    Username: EnterPhenomena Server: Survival Banned By: Unknown Date of Ban: day month 2019 Reason: "Disrespecting staff" (Inaccurate Information) If it's hard to understand what happened, don't ban me in the first place. An ignorant mind at work doing the banning without understanding the issue. Which I tried over and over to explain. But was ignored because it appeared offensive to those who didn't bother to understand what I wrote. Much less read it. Make an effort to understand your players. Don't make me repeat myself. I respect staff enough to trust them with my every sentence. But that was mistaken as "disrespectful" in the eyes of staff. Have I made myself clear? This decision is up to the minds of those who I've looked up to for quite some time, make sure to base your future decisions on below example; 1. Unban me 2. Understand me 3. Reason with me. 4. Move on Remember, There are no one I disrespect. Yours: EnterPhenomena
  2. Hello, I'd like to apply for a position as a "Guardian In Training". I've become quite interested in Minecraft D.S. community recently. My current position requires a list of reasonable arguments which later favours my request. As suggested by admirable players, I apply for greater responsibility. [Adding personal information] People describe me as "calm", concreate in my replies, genuine and more. I'd like to think of myself as fairly balanced and vow to self criticism as others to improve for future events. As human, I share no position in politics or religion, which helps prevent an unpleasant discussions. I am a working citizen, 08:00 - 16:00 , Monday - Friday. Sending my regards: EnterPhenomena
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