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  1. I started playing on the server about a month ago with my friends, and I liked the server a lot. It was just the kind of survival server we had been looking for. We played there a lot, and built a nice little village far from everything else. Well, one day we were mining, and I died. I was really frustrated, so... this is the part where I made a mistake. I warped to the spawn town, and walked to a house through the window, stole some items from the chest and even harvested everything from the farm without replanting. Then I left the server, and today when I came back, I was banned for griefing. However, I have learned from my mistakes, and I will never grief again. I would like to keep playing on the server, as all my houses and friends are still there. My nametag is FinGamer10, so if someone could unban me, I would be very grateful and would never grief again. Many thanks, FinGamer10 And oh, the template. Username: FinGamer10 Server: Survival Banned By: I dont know who, it just says "Banned. Reason:Griefing" Date of Ban: 12 June 2019 Reason: Griefing
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