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  1. IGN: Archer_Z Age: 17 (18 this year) Teamspeak: ArcherZ Hello my name is Archer_Z. I've been on DiamondShaft now from going on I believe about a year now, and honestly i wouldn't leave this server now for nothing which is why I'm applying for G.I.T on the server. The first reason i want to be G.I.T on Diamond Shaft is because i want to help the server as smoothly as humanly possibly, and to spread a bit of positivity around the community. And as far as people knowing me on the server I'm regular on Diamond Shaft but I'm always a kind kind of person i always try to find the good in people. I've never been asked to help the staff but I would be willing to help anyway i can if ever asked, and ive never broken a single rule. To tell you a little bit about myself, Im a 17 year old from Alabama, United States. I plan to go to trade school to be a welder so I can get myself a gaming computer to hopefully move my YouTube channel forward ever further then it has gotten now. The current staff don't really know me to well for me to be doing this but I think if given the chance they'll become my best friends. I usually on a good day hop onto diamond shaft 2-3 hours a day, depending on how im felling. I know how to use world edit and a couple of bukkit plugins because i was Modertor for another server at one time called GoldenBlade which was run by ChronicalCobalt and thats about all i know about plugins. i started plahing minecraft back in the 1.7 era of it. I dont know how to log block sadly or roll anything back, but with the help and expertise of the staff team, id catch on to it fairly quicky. I have skype but barely use it, obviously i can get into the forums. I also have discord and teamspeak if need be. If i left out anything at all please let me know and i will be quick to fix, change, or add to this application.
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