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  1. Username: JaneyT Server: Survival Banned by: I actually don't know who banned me. Date of ban: 30 July 2019 Reason: Griefing LB Proof Hello, Last week, I played on Diamond Shaft and found close to my house a massive pyramid with two smaller pyramids next to it. It was surrounded by a large sort of village. I haven't played minecraft in three years and just started playing it again a couple of weeks ago. Since there have been a lot of changes in Minecraft I thought the pyramids and the castle were a new world generation which can now be found in Minecraft 1.14. It looked awesome so I went to check it out and it was full of diamonds, emeralds, etc. Now I realize someone made it on their own. If i recall correctly I didn't take the resources but I did break some things. I'm really sorry for doing this and I should've asked someone if they knew it was generated or really created by someone. It wasn't my intention to grief and I will be more carefully when I find such things and ask someone for help if I don't know what it is. It won't happen again. Thank you, JaneyT
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