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  1. IGN: Acefeeg Age: 17 Discord: Jason P#8168 I have been active on the Diamond Shaft server for a little over a week now and I am interested in applying for GIT. In this short period of time I have grown to appreciate the community greatly and want to contribute to the server in a way that would be beneficial to the experience of others and the server's success and continued operation. I do not know how to use the many tools available to a person in this position but would be willing to learn at any moment in order to improve the community. I am from a small town in Connecticut and will soon be graduating high school and plan to peruse a career in engineering or statistics. As a person who is generally well tempered I believe I will be able to add to this community and try to play whenever possible. Thanks, Acefeeg
  2. The same thing has been happening to me for the past day now, so I believe the servers are down
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