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  1. Username: spicyturkey Server: Survival Banned By: JackeeBolp Date of Ban: unknown (September 2019) Reason: Griefing Hello, I have been playing on Diamond Shaft now for four months, and I started back in June. I first found out about this server when I was searching online for survival servers. Since then, I have created a wonderful town with my friends, and we always have so much fun together playing. I am fairly familiar with all of the rules of this server, but my friend and I did ./warp and found a pyramid of diamonds. He was the one that broke all of the diamond blocks, and I will admit, I was a bystander. I got back on the server several times since then, and the friend who broke them got banned first. Then I noticed I got banned when I logged on today. The mods have already destroyed all of the diamonds, so I can not longer access them. I realize now what I have done is wrong, and we should've just walked away from the diamonds. Would you be able to give me a second chance? I am terribly sorry for the trouble I may have caused anyone, for I will never do it again because this server really means something to my friends and I. Thanks again, spicyturkey!
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