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  1. Hello, my minecraft username is _LORDOFDIAMONDS_ , I am currently a diamond, and this is why I want to become a guardian. I am 14 years old, and my favourite game has always been minecraft. I have played it ever since 2012 (Xbox 360), but I got java in 2015. On my first day of playing, I joined diamondshaft, which was also the first server I joined. I was in love with the server from the beginning and a month later, I got diamond. I have been playing on the server ever since, so I have lots of experience with diamondshaft. The first reason I want to become a guardian is to help out with the server. I try to help as much as I can to contribute towards the server, but as a diamond, I can't do that much. If I do become a guardian, I will be able to make the server even better than it is. Second reason is that I am very passionate towards the server. I have been on for a long time now, so I have grown with the server. I have seen it's ups and downs, and have loved to play on it ever since. Now, I want to provide the experience I had on the server to new players to see how special this server is. Third is that I have many traits to offer towards the server. I believe that I can be helpful towards members, I have experience in leadership (had an executive role in my schools student council), and that I can take risks to make the server a better place. So in conclusion with everything I have, I believe I can be a good guardian. I hope you enjoyed my application, and consider me becoming a guardian.
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