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  1. Xav1erD Survival CamoWisp January 20, 2019 Stealing LB Proof Hello, I have been playing on the Diamond Shaft survival server for a while now. I have been banned for stealing LB proof, I was banned 2 months ago and I have grown as a person, and I now know what I did was extremely bad and against the rules of the server. I would like one more chance on the server and I will give all of my loot I previously collected to the people I have stole from. I would like to get back to being a functional member of this server again.Thank you for reading this far and I hope I will get back on this very friendly server! -Xav1erD
  2. Xav1erD CamoWisp (probably) Dec 20, 2019 Stealing LB proof Hello, my ingame name is Xav1erD and I have been banned for stealing LB proof i stole a few stacks of coal and some other things from, I think suicidal plant's base. I know what I did was wrong so I let myself take a break from Minecraft for a month and I would like to get back on to this very generous minecraft survival server. So if you think this was a good response please unbann me and I will be a functioning part of this server. Thank you for your time
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