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  1. We shouldn't disable /fly, but I do agree with Zelphion, Giving Gold+ an Elytra and rockets would be quite useful as an alternative for /fly.
  2. Player: Necriii Ban Date: 2/9/2020 Reason: Theft
  3. Player: CrugglieOof Ban Date: 2/9/2020 Reason: Grief and Theft
  4. IGN: Solider_tf2 Discord: Platinum #9338 Heyah, 15 year old male here. Name's Platinum, been on this server since 2014/2015. Seen the good times and the bad times of this server, always loved being apart of this wonderful community and talking to everyone within the server it self! I've been trying to be apart of the guardian or staff system back in this server's prime but I was just a little kid 9 or 10 year's old. But now since I have now the chance and my upbringing onto this server again with many new found friendships and rediscovered ones being noticed and made. I would love to connect more with this server and it's members in any way shape or form. Honestly I know nothing of Minecraft's plugins in such I just love communicating with the community, learning things about them and how to make things better for people. Nothing much to learn bout me but hey from Minnesota currently in the 10th grade planning to get into the stem field in the near future. Just gotta make what's good of life for the time being until I have to someday disappear aha. Trying to do minor things to help out any shape way or form. I do not have an account but hey who says I cannot make one?
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