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  1. Dear Diamond Shaft Administrators/Staff members. Hello there, I'm Effect. I spend almost all day on this server, and I'm usually online on discord all day too. I have a lot of experience with building, I have watched a lot of tutorials and myself built a lot. I have some images down there of some examples. I'm also decently known with Redstone buildings. I'm leading to that I want to apply for Builder rank. I must say that the community here is amazing! And I get inspired when I see other people's buildings! This community is kind and mature, and I would love to be a apart of this Building Team. This may be a small application, though it has a big meaning. I would love to improve my skills, and due to that Minecraft gets a new update (1.16) we'll have a reboot, and I would love to help building the new spawn and other buildings! Discord: Effect#3657 Minecraft Username: Effectu Thanks for anyone who read this, and thank you for you're consideration. - Effect
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