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  1. Ferrari4Flow

    Sorry.. **Sad Face Emoji **

    Hello. My IGN Is Sexyboy21.. Oh Sorry that is my Twitter name... My IGN is Ferrari4Flow. I have been Banned for not replanting crops... I have been feeling very bad about what I did... **Sad Face** I just wanted to say that I am sorry for my bad actions. I would like to be Unbanned so I could Replant all the crops that I "Took". Thank You For Reading yours truly Sexyboy21.* Ferrari4Flow
  2. Ferrari4Flow

    Sorry.. **Sad Face Emoji **

    Okay... Whatever..... Can You just Unban me? I am very very very sorry! For Not Replanting Crops....
  3. Ferrari4Flow

    Sorry.. **Sad Face Emoji **

    Okay.. I forgot to replant 2 crops... What's the big deal?? Don't you have to ban someone if they grief 3 blocks??? Meaning that I should be unbanned because I only "Griefed" 2 crops.
  4. Ferrari4Flow

    Sorry.. **Sad Face Emoji **

    Hello. Just a few Words I have To Say.... Why Did I get Banned? Where Is The Proof? It says that I got banned for not replanting crops right? But I always replant the crops!... I think we got a problem.. If you're going to ban me could you show proof? Thanks!