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  1. I used to play this server a ton back when I was 12, I think, for around three years or so? Bought my first diamond rank (creative and fly! YAY!), built numerous towns, loved the people, connected with lovely players, got into a few arguments with the admins; Basically, I spent way too much time on this server, LOL. Anywho, I'm 18 now, in college, I wanted to play with my brother and this server popped into my mind! I was so excited to possibly meet some old friends and show my brother the ropes. I got on and it was empty, not surprising, but what confused me the most was the fact that my /fl
  2. Hello, I tried logging on to DS and was apparently banned for having an xp farm. I have no memory of owning/making one in the past. I wouldn't need one either because I don't normally go in survival mode, players usually see my building. If you can, I'd like some evidence and proof that goes to show that I made the farm in the first place. I've put a lot of effort and work into this server and I don't want to get banned for something I didn't do. Thanks, Ken...
  3. I'm doing this for my 8 year old brother who was banned for an xp farm. He had found a zombie spawner a while ago and just used it for levels, (he killed the zombies himself whenever he needed to). I didn't know this until his screen showed that he was banned. My brother never looked at the rules and I hope you can forgive him since he really likes this server. Thanks for reading, bye bye :3
  4. ​I wasn't trying to argue... I just wanted to know what grudge she held against me. I didn't mean to insult her whatsoever and could you please give me an example? She seems to really dislike me and I'd like to know the reason. I don't see a problem with that...
  5. Well... I was banned for about 71 hours for saying "Whale cum" to about two joining players, obviously because it sounds like "Welcome". This kind of pisses me off because I wasn't the only one doing it. Nobody warned me, whatsoever. I realize that some guardians seem to not like me... I don't mind but I'd definitely appreciate it if it didn't result in irrational actions. I apologize if I'm immature and such. It took me years to even like myself and I won't waste that much time to make a few online players like me. I came on the server the build and play with friends not to start fights with

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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