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  1. Hello guys, It feels weird since i'm the one writing to be unbanned and not the one unbanning people, lol. Anyways, thats not the point. I am here to say sorry for my actions, i really wasn't thinking and i can honestly say i am truly sorry for what i did- and it will never happen again i can assure you. I've been playing on diamondshaft for just over a year and since being banned i have realized how much diamondshaft has been in my life, and how much i miss all the amazing people who play on this server. I understand if i'm not unbanned because what i did was wrong, and i understand that. I just hope you can give me another chance because i really miss all of you, and you will be happy to know that i promise i won't bring anyone from any of my other servers. Thank you for reading this, Best wishes to you all, Charlie. Btw, i know you guys made a bet that i wouldn't make an appeal but, here it is!
  2. huehue


    sassy sausage.PNG


    1. Hayley


      xD this is the funniest thing ever.

  3. You had an army base on a map like 3 resets ago and i remember being in it, it was rather funny actually.
  4. Will you ever return?
    The question on my(and a lot of others)minds...

  5. Okay, since this is your first offense i will unban you. Don't do it again!
  6. Nice app! Hope you do well, and i wish you the best of luck.
  7. People do use it quite a bit actually.
  8. What is your ign? Why were you banned? Why would you like to be unbanned? Please follow the template. EDIT: Ok, since this is your first offense you will be unbanned. Sorry! Can't get rid of the pictures
  9. I've tried deleting it by both those way but it still doesn't work I:
  10. As Chris said, you repetitively insulted me and you swore and swore at me over and over again and i did warn you several times but you carried on. I don't hold a grudge or anything against you, so i have no idea why you think that. You also kept on going on about cum and stuff like that and when i warned you, you just swore at me even more. So Chris banned you and it was for a very valid reason. And you quite obviously meant to offend me otherwise you would not have continuously swore at me and insulted me. If anything YOU hold a grudge against me, and i have no idea why. So please tell me what makes you hate me For some reason i can't get rid of this screenshot so ignore it..
  11. Charlie


    I remember you. I was in your army thing. e.e It was like a sandstone base on an old map lol For some reason the screenshot won't go??? So ignore it
  12. I've spoken to you in messages about this so just talk to me in there from now on 1sairaaj1
  13. Cool. When i found novaskins i made a few but i really cba to show you all lol
  14. Charlie

    New skins

    Well i made it again and edited the top. Sorry you cant really see the white as her skin is very pale. If you want me to change the skin colour then just ask http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/5726275/for-47driver/
  15. Charlie

    New skins

    Okay i made one for you according to what you asked for. Hope you like it and if you want me to make another one just ask http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/5710291/for-47driver/
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