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  1. Yo happy birthday me

    1. CommanderSilver


      May the 4th be with u 😉

    2. coolguy1441


      This is actually my 2nd account so don't send me messages on this status. Thanks!:D

  2. Here's the place were you post selfies of yourself and/or with other people that you took in minecraft. Like these:
  3. I bet they spray painted it .
  4. I can already hear the ringing!
  5. I don't know whats on my mind it could be anything like blood or tissue idk.

  6. lucky blocks mod?I don't think we could give the whole server this mod without paying for it ourselves.The staff cant make lucky blocks part of the server plus how u get the blocks is easy and people would spam the blocks.so I vote no on prop lucky blocks
  7. What.I never said anything about donating to it..And I know you hate e because I killed you like 2 times 12 months ago but come on dude.Just stop hating.
  8. Well when people refused to pvp I left the server and went to another one.(not gonna say the name because its a violation of "COC")And the owner was online and in the lobby.His name is explodingtnt the owner and youtuber.Its was like a 1 direction consert.Everybody was so excited and like suggesting videos to make.And I was like whoa.It was pretty cool to meet a youtuber.I've met one before though.So he left the lobby and someone yelled in all caps,"HES IN THE FOOTCUBE LOBBY!!!" So I went to the footcube lobby and everyone was in on explodingtnt.people said he was afk and "give him some space"
  9. She said its "100% back up"
  10. Hi My ign is coolguy1441.My name is chad im 14 and I have a huge imagination.Thats why I started playing minecraft.All my dreams come true here.I love diamondshaft.Its my fav server.I have an xbox360 and my name on that is coolguy1441.I hve a brother who's 10 and uses my account on the xbox and computer.So yeah.Thats a little bit about myself.
  11. Hey guys im back on diamondshaft now. As u can see my profile picture is "The Awkward Fish".I have a also have a company Tht I want some people to join. It's called "The Cool Company". It's supposed to help people by selling things helping them with something idk but yeah.I would really like more people to join me.I am also going to be joining TEAtime2012's company.So yep.Just wanted to let ya guys know!

About Us

We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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