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  1. Hayley

    GIT's for March 2017

  2. Hayley

    DiamondShaft Prison Server

    The UUIDs messed up meaning those were completely different people. For example I should've been 6th but my UUID changed so I had nothing. It's mostly been fixed now.
  3. Hayley

    DiamondShaft Prison Server

    I think there's a problem with money
  4. Hayley

    Staff Update July 2016

    Congrats guys!
  5. Hayley

    Happy birthday Joey

    Happy Birthday Joey in a few hours
  6. Hayley


    Wasn't there a thing a while back where it was made so only the player who's item has been dropped can pick it back up again?
  7. Hayley

    Hayley's birthday (21st)

  8. Hayley

    Papa's Birthday

    Happy bday papa. Btw i like how u pretty much posted this as it just turns my bday
  9. Hayley


    Please follow the ban template.
  10. Hayley

    Thinking about killing my cat..

    When you start quoting Star Wars is when you know you're crazy.
  11. Hayley

    Yet Another Topic of War

    It should be 11am till 1pm for you... correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. Hayley

    Yet Another Topic of War

    What Timezone?
  13. Hayley

    How to get A rank for free

    Please stop making stupid topics like this.
  14. Hayley

    Camo's Ban Evidence

    Camo I don't think you need to do ban evidence... I think it's just the GITs but Idk.
  15. Hayley

    The world is fucked up

    What the hell is this... Tbh I'd use a baseball bat.