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  1. sorry it has taken so long. you are now unbanned
  2. If anyone hasn't unbanned you yet I'll do it later. Sorry for the late response. Please don't break the rules again. You might not get an other chance
  3. Please follow the ban appeal template. You can find it here
  4. i will make it a 1 day tempban from now. just remember breaking the rules will never solve anything. if you have bought an emerald rank in the past king_anthrax should be able to help you get it back unless you lost it due to misbehaving/breaking the rules
  5. please follow the ban appeal template. you can find it here
  6. It's my pyramid I will go ahead and unban you since its been almost 24 hours since Starz was tagged. Just don't break the rules again. If you have any questions about the rules or a build please contact staff and we will help you
  7. you stole some stuff from the chests at beckaones place and broke some blocks too. As this is against the rules i banned you. the picture is just some of the stuff that was stolen. i am aware that you have a base nearby thats why i chose a small area that only covers her base to use /lb in. i will change your ban to a 1 day tempban so you will be able to join back tomorrow.
  8. the server was transferred back to its original place so you need to use the old ip play.diamondshaft.com
  9. do you have some coords for the place? we cant do anything unless we get some...
  10. i banned you... i will unban you this time but please make sure not to grief anything or steal from other peoples chests again.
  11. I will make someone unban you.. Please make sure to read the rules when you join
  12. hello AnnaPlays142 1. You have to appeal your ban in the appeal a ban section. Not here 2. i banned you as i found some griefing you did at warp north. if you wanna get back on the server you have to make an appeal in the right section and if you want the proof of the grief please ask for it in your appeal and i'll provide it.
  13. you need to join with 1.12 as the server isn't updated to 1.13 yet
  14. you were banned on april 27. you griefed at /warp north. here's the proof i will unban you this time but please make sure to not break the rules again. if you're unsure about some of them you can always do /rules or ask staff

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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