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  1. i banned you... i will unban you this time but please make sure not to grief anything or steal from other peoples chests again.
  2. I will make someone unban you.. Please make sure to read the rules when you join
  3. hello AnnaPlays142 1. You have to appeal your ban in the appeal a ban section. Not here 2. i banned you as i found some griefing you did at warp north. if you wanna get back on the server you have to make an appeal in the right section and if you want the proof of the grief please ask for it in your appeal and i'll provide it.
  4. bolp


    you need to join with 1.12 as the server isn't updated to 1.13 yet
  5. you were banned on april 27. you griefed at /warp north. here's the proof i will unban you this time but please make sure to not break the rules again. if you're unsure about some of them you can always do /rules or ask staff
  6. ill unban you this time but please follow the rules from now on. If you're nor sure if you're allowed to do something please ask before you do it so you won't get banned again. I am aware that staff isn't on much but you can always send ask us on discord. have a great day - bolp
  7. i have looked around and found the place you're talking about. I have therefor unbanned you. If anything like this should ever happen again please report it here on the forum with pictures and coordinates so staff can help if we aren't on at the time -bolp please log in as fart as possible so i can help if you need it (i'm on now for about 20 mins)
  8. bolp


    po you're NOT a peacock.. you're just a burd and NO you can't leave me!! you can at least come on every now and then just as i do.. please burd!! i cant live my minecraft life without my burd
  9. 1. my name is JackeeBolp or just bolp 2. you have to follow the template given above to get a chance at getting unbanned 3. heres why you were banned for griefing
  10. 1. staff doesn't get banned 2. my name is Jackeebolp 3. you have to follow the template given above 4. here's the proof of what you griefed so you can see the ban wasn't unfair at all 5. dont lie!! you were banned on 03-10 2018 for some griefing you did on 02-21 2018. which is les than a month ago
  11. bolp

    Future Events

    If you need something build let me know on discord I might be able to help
  12. Dear everyone on ds. The time has come for me to say goodbye to you all. I have loved meeting you and spending time with you but I no longer enjoy being on the server. I've put a lot of hard work into the server but I don't get the appreciation I deserve for it and for some reason the staff team has turned into something I can no longe accept. In my opinion it's not fair when you don't wanna be honest to people about their opportunities on the server. Why not be honest and let wicked know he will not get a chance at becoming staff and why not let snor know you all hate him and don't want him on the team either so they can get on with life? and why not be honest with me and just say Bolp we know you'd like to be admin but it's never gonna happen! I feel its time for me to find something else to do than be on ds. Every time I get on the server I get frustrated and I leave with a sad feeling inside that the server has become this sad thing where no one is honest and you don't have to follow the rules if you're just friends with the right staff. It has been nice knowing you all and I will never forget the friends I've made here. I wish you all well in the future and I hope you grow up to be nice and honest people. I have given my money and town to possessed and I've removed my shop at the mall. I've also made everything ready for the next drop party so you just have to push the button. I will keep streaming every now and then but my streams will be me drawing and maybe talking about stuff.. my twitch is still https://www.twitch.tv/jackeebolp and I hope to see some of you there every now and then Have a nice day and may you enjoy every minute of your life Regards Bolp
  13. you should be unbanned now if not please tag camo in here
  14. Oh yeah I forgot I needed to make more houses at your place.. If we're on at the same time just remind me
  15. You will be unbanned but if you get banned again we will NOT unban you. Have a nice say. PS. You might wanna read the rules again :-)
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