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  1. You ask your mom if you are allowed to be staff on a minecraft server ?
  2. Mrreds


    I thought that was my job
  3. So I'm assuming this will not come as a suprice to most of you but for those of you it does not I'll explain. I will not bash on the staff team or anyone for giving me a hard time or something because honestly the staff team and some diamondshaft players may be the best friends I have ever made and I do not regret a single minute spend on that. It were these people that kept it fun and interesting and I am really thankfull for meeting them. So for years Minecraft has been my "main-game", I played nothing else and I was fine with this but recently it started to bore me. I know that there are people who have played this game for way longer than I have and still find joy in it and that is fine but I do not. I feel like I have done everything that can be done on alot of fronts, I have maxed out survival minecraft several times, got thousands of wins on minigames and filled lots of plots with redstone creations. Maybe I'll refind joy later but for now im completely burned out of this game. Also I have recently found joy in gaming again (after barely gaming for a few months) because I tried new games. I would love to writte something personal for everyone but I honestly am afraid of forgetting someone so instead I'll will give a more general message. When I first got introduced to this server by a friend I was a no-one, my english was terrible and my "mineman-skills" were nooby af. But then people started to give me chances and I started to gain friends. This really enhanced the gaming experience, I slowly got somewhat addicted and almost ruined my grades. At this point I started to get interested into the guardian position and applied, after 2 failed attemps I gave up but kept normally playing. Now skipping a few years ahead I already started to loose interest but then out of nowhere I recieved GIT rank wich brought back alot of fun. I really appreciate the chances given to me to become a staff member after several failed applications but it feels somewhat unfair to keep the guardian position instead of someone who still forfills the requirements for it. I have never been good at writting these kind of things but I hope it got the message across. Again I really appreciate the friends I've made here and even though my mineman adventures end here I hope the friendships don't. I'll try to stay availeble at discord but don't expect instant replies. I wish everyone the best of luck in their lives with whatever they wish to do. -Mrreds
  4. Congratulations to all new GIT's, guardian and moderators, dont crash the server Thank you
  5. Okay firstly you didnt follow the ban appeal Seccond. Staff does not grant gamemode creative Third. Apply for staff in a ban appeal , rlly ? And to finish it off you didnt give us a single reason to believe you should be unbanned. So for now -Denied *also after posting this I realised this isnt even in the ban appeal section, move please*
  6. This is your 4th ban , I'll unban you but please be more carefull
  7. off the record , Downloading/streaming movies nowadays is easy. If you have an android smartphone there are tons of apps to stream / download for free which is ofcourse illegal but hey who cares. (im not going to give examples here because i think its against the rules to share these on the forums) when youre using a browser it can take some searching and you will probably get spammed with adds aswell so be carefull what you click. I would also recomment you dont use torrents even though you can do alot more with them, the risk of getting caught it pretty high if you dont use a vpn and basicly all good vpns cost money. and for virusses , use an anti virus and be carefull with what you download . if theres an 2 hour movie and its only 10 mb is obviously a scam
  8. just to clear things up , I found a small greif by her and I asked her about it she said it was from when she first joined and didnt know the rules then I suggested she would repair it or pay me 2K (which I spend on diamonds that I later destrowed , I couldnt think of any other way to destrow money) and you paid so I gave you a seccond chance but then later I found another grief from you and when I asked you before if you griefed anything else you said no so thats why I did end up banning you . I'll unban you but please be carefull next time. Unbanned -Reds Also please post ban appeals in the appeal section and not in sugestions @moderators please move if possible
  9. I'll unban you when I get to my pc
  10. Mrreds

    Is it True?

    He is refering to the option to buy an unban, not a rank. Untill a few min ago I wasnt aware of this either. @TJHawkster as for you , if I recall correctly you have been banned "alot" of times and we made the desicion to keep it that way when your last ban was given. It honestly would be fair to unban you if you pay the price and I'll discuss this with the other staff. BUT dont be suprised if youre not getting unbanned since it would be really understandable as well.
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