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  1. Damn this was a shock, I always knew this server would have to close some day eventually but it was always going to be a shock when it finally did. Crazy to think I joined about 8 years ago in school and I'm almost 24 now 3 days away from buying my first house. I've met so many people through this server I'd be happy to call a friend and who have made an impact on my life. We all have fond memories of this server and I certainly have a few of my own, (Still not sorry about your city Snor) but the best memories are the people I've met and seeing and hearing as people's lives change an
  2. Hey people, I'm back again and actually active. I've been staff before on here and matured a lot since last time and have used all the tools before so it shouldnt take me long to get back up to speed. Plus I almost never see any staff on when Im on so I guess theres a bit of a timezone gap missing in there
  3. Atron


    Found a house burning down through Owencanpla and Goodgrammars nether portal which was set by them. House is owned by Legacychanger (found some locked chests) Will add that Loading____ is a witness. Dont know if he is on forums?
  4. I never said it was a bad thing lol. I fit most of that category but I'm 19, not a factions player and don't have diabetes. I do like my Skyrim though....
  5. I agree, Minecraft is dead no one plays survival Minecraft anymore. Its just Minigame servers or maybe a die hard edgy Factions player who refuses to acknowledge that he's 23 years old with on job, life, friends or ability to interact with anyone. Let alone the fact he sits in his underwear covered in empty packets of Doritos and has Type 2 diabetes. Anyway point is, Minecraft is dead.
  6. So you all know me, I can build stuff I can WE and some WG and have had some fairly popular builds on the server: Sandstone giant, Kings Birthday with the giant PC the Void arena, all of these are old but whatever Here is 4 pics since I went round all the things I've built on this server that are worth showing, it doesnt show off my other styles but medival is primarily my style but can do modern too. First one is a private sethome, the other 3 are in Po's town so you can see them there (last pic was built with Starz but meh).
  7. Sad to see you're leaving the staff position and I do understand what you are saying. Despite all the stuff I did on the server I tried to be honest with people and say it how it is. I suppose as long as you're happy you did what you could then there's nothing more you could have done. I hope you'll continue to play on the server, even if occasionally.
  8. Because you are retarded and it is funny. Deal with it
  9. Lol, this is pathetic. You sir are what's called a shit stirrer and trust me, I've been there done that and seen it all before. Also you've been playing for 2 years? Bullcrap as much as I'm not that active at the moment I was very active last year and never saw you once. Maybe when you stop lying someone will unban you. If it was up to me I would IP ban you too. Class dismissed.
  10. And when you finish the hospital, I challenge me to blow it up.
  11. Still waiting for an all reigon pkmn game.....one can only hope
  12. I ain't even sad, idgaf. To quote the Sniper, 'Piss off ya big headed wanka'
  13. Atron

    My Project

    Trust me, I have tried to find a potato big enough but its easier said than done
  14. Atron

    My Project

    Pretty much but its still a fun project

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We are DiamondShaft, a medium-sized Minecraft survival server that has been around for over six years and aims to achieve a simple, community survival experience.

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