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  1. wtf you said babes.. WHO ARE YOU!? not my chaderoo ;(
  2. thank you all for coming to my wedding. I truly do believe that one day I can be a true redneck housewife, six incest babies, abusive husband and the whole lot. Much love for my chicken flavoured uncle/husband @Anthrax and to my dad/god/brother-in-law @CamoWisp and my maid of honour @Kat_1910 and all the rest because tbh I cbf to @ all the rest of em but if you were there you prolly know #blessed
  3. lmao exactly what I thought thank you, will try but the odds aren’t looking too good
  4. oh god chad 2am im gonna rip my non existent balls off you gay
  5. oh hey, didn't see you there

    de wae.PNG

  6. Umm can someone tell me why my villager farm is overrun by chickens? (I didn't breed or throw any eggs)
  7. The Ugandan Knuckles are a strange people. They flitter from place to place, sometimes grouping up and sometimes striking out on their lonesome. They repeatedly ask people Do you know the way?, but if you ask them what the way is, you will receive many many differing answers. They seek a Queen, but they never stick to one for long. As soon as one leaves, they go to the next, sometimes choosing men or monsters as their queens. They are violent-tongued and easily agitated, but their approach to vicious combat is to simply unleash loogies on their opponents, which seems to merely annoy them more than anything They speak in both human tongues and one of their own, a series of clicks that can be construed as almost a battle cry, but can also serve as a greeting. In fact, a taller, more normal Knuckles was able to prove he was one of them by speaking in this language of clicks, and they all accepted him from that moment forward. Additionally, I've noted a few things about their biology. The reds seem to be the most plentiful, but also the weakest, yet the most aggressive. Almost like Chihuahuas. The blues have the words 'Ugandan Warrior etched into their backs, indicating they have some higher combat prowess Some reds grow larger, or assimilate other reds to form a single, larger hive mind body. The oranges are... mutants. Twisted things. Perhaps a result of inbreeding It's unknown if they are dangerous, but they appear to avoid one specific place; Firelink Shrine Perhaps they fear the onslaught of Giantdads that pour from that lost fragment of a dead world. Perhaps, a War of the Memes is all but inevitable

  8. Hey, I'm Jazz and I'd love to be staff on Diamond Shaft! Now you're probably thinking, "what's so much better about this girl than the rest of em" Well for starters I've been on this server for around 4 years now and I know just about every person that comes on regularly. I'm good friends with a lot of the staff on the server and becoming a staff member would mean becoming even better friends and getting to know everyone so much better. I'm definitely loud, bright and quite odd I must say, but I'm also honest and hardworking. I live in Perth, Western Australia so unfortunately sometimes I can't get the best signal whilst on the server, but if I lag out I always try to get back in. In my spare time I don't exactly do a lot, so whenever needed to help out I can be there! (School may make it tough sometimes though) In the past I've used my diamond rank to fix grieved houses and help people with their builds. If I were to get any staff position on my favorite server it would mean the absolute world to me, hope you consider giving me a chance. Extras: Age: 14 Discord: Jazznugget #2652 Status: Awesome (always )
  9. ay it's time to get back on after a long long break xD

  10. Yesterday I found a cave with a mineshaft, a rare biome and alot of gold in it... I think the staff may have had a bit of fun with this place...

    Quite the find, if I do say so myself..











    1. Minecrafteez


      It's because it's a mesa biome as more gold spawns in mesas

  11. I just did a ban appeal to do with money... The profile picture is kind of ironic, don't you think? ¬¬

  12. iiPhlox

    Ban Appeal

    Username: puppythegreat Server: Survival 1.11.2 Date of Ban: January 10th 2017 (Or 9th) Reason of Ban: Stealing Ban From: Bolp/Mrreds Hi, It's Jess here, posting in the appeal a ban section *again*. Yes, I've been banned before. Previously in my last ban I promised not to grief or get banned again etc. I've broken that promise of being a good player in the Diamond Shaft community. From here on out, it is the staff member reading this' choice whether to unban me or not. So without further hesitation, here is my ban appeal. So as you already know, I stole from Mrreds. I am fully open to admitting that and I know that it was wrong of me. When the server reset I didn't have many people that were online to hang out with, so I teleported to different people to see if I could hang out with them. Mrreds was the only player who accepted me and let me join in. Mrreds has always been good to me and I feel extremely bad for what I've done. I took stuff from him for selling because when I was on the server before it reset I felt like a nobody. I thought that this would be my chance as a somebody if I got rich. I was wrong. I don't know what kind of deluded world my mind was in because the amount of money you have isn't in anyway the reason people get "cool" and "popular" on the server. Yes, my intentions were wrong, yes, I did steal some valuable stuff and yes, I did deserve this ban. But you should know before you make up your mind that I'm not a person that does this regularly, I'm just a person that makes big mistakes sometimes and wants to be accepted. I'm sorry for all the trouble I've put you (the staff) through and I'm sorry Mrreds for stealing from you. I hope you can accept my apology, both the staff and Mrreds, and unban me. Thanks for reading -Puppythegreat AKA Jess
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