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  1. ill go ahead and unban you, but try not to take things from others without permission. im not sure, but this may have been the reason for the ban.
  2. i want my reparations! a tray of rice crispy treats...
  3. i broke everything around me lol. and i cant type commands into console
  4. thanks tea. i cant access the chat to type any commands. i cant even access my inventory... my bedrock doesnt pick up logs... it simply destroys!
  5. you need to change your minecraft from 1.8 to 1.9 in order to do this, when in the minecraft launcher, click edit profile, and then click the "use version" button and make sure your on the latest version of minecraft
  6. possessed did u switch your game to 1.9?
  7. well its been a few days, seems like totie is not gunna read this lol. ill go ahead and unban this time, but demonic do not grief again.
  8. ill go ahead and unban you. just remember the rules next time.
  9. my name is Big Joe and .... i am wanted by the cops and my criminal name is...
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